• The Cumberland Regional School District is led by a nine-member Board of Education representing Cumberland Regional High School's constituent district municipalities: Deerfield Township, Fairfield Township, Greenwich Township, Hopewell Township, Shiloh Borough, Stow Creek Township, and Upper Deerfield Township. The initial school board was appointed by the county superintendent on Dec. 10, 1974, featuring one representative from each of the original seven constituent districts, with an additional member appointed from each of the districts with the highest proportion of the population. The board meets on a monthly basis, usually the fourth Thursday of each month, unless otherwise noted in the annual legal notice.

    Effective June 24, 2021, meetings of the Cumberland Regional School District Board of Education will be held in person in the Cumberland Regional School District Board Office, 65 Love Lane, at 6 p.m.

Board of Education Members

Name Position Representing Email Address
Thomas M. Davis President Stow Creek DavisT@crhsd.org
Ronald Campbell Sr. Vice President Shiloh CampbellR@crhsd.org
Lisa Trexler Member Deerfield TrexlerL@crhsd.org
Janice Carter Member Fairfield CarterJ@crhsd.org
Kimberly C. Hall Member Fairfield HallK@crhsd.org
Valerie Wojcik Member Greenwich WojcikV@crhsd.org
Arthur Marchand Member Hopewell MarchandA@crhsd.org
Ken Jackson Member Upper Deerfield JacksonK@crhsd.org
Barbara Wilchensky Member Upper Deerfield WilchenskyB@crhsd.org

May Meeting Rescheduled

2023 Board of Education Meeting Dates

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