Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Jennifer Wiley

I have been a teacher here at Cumberland Regional High School for almost thirteen years now. I am also a working professional illustrator which truly feeds my teaching and keeps me inspired. I have worked very hard along with my fellow art teachers to write and polish the Art 1, Art 2, and commercial art curriculums so they are meaningful, highly skill based courses in which we stress "Art for Art's Sake" and Art as a career choice if that is one's desire. Check out my website : 




I am expecting the students to use email through their school account. Most have smart phones and the outlook app is easily downloaded onto the phones.

Emailed should be checked each day and genesis regularly. The assignments are listed clearly so students and parents can see what is missing)

I will be using various youtubes that I use in the classroom as well as things I have created for successful learning and easy production during this process.

Art 1 has been added as a group. Please do not send work back to me through this, email directly.

Also, be aware, if you send me items cropped, I will ask for it resent with edges and a finger for authenticity purposes, no grades will go in until I receive items correctly


Studio Art should check email daily for instruction through the Studio Art 365 group and will send work with pics through email


please email me with any questions or concerns: