• Scholarship Opportunities


    ATTENTION Seniors!!!  Now is the time to apply for scholarships.  Please take advantage of the many scholarship opportunities out there to help supplement your future college funding!

    Scholarship opportunities can be found in Naviance and will be updated regularly.  Scholarships will also be posted on the Scholarship Bulletin Board by the security desk at the Main Entrance and on this site.

    Monthly Scholarship Bulletins: (Click on the links below to view our monthly scholarship bulletins)

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    ~Reposted Scholarships

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    ~March 2020 4.0

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    ~April 2020

    ~May 2020

    ~May 2020 2.0



     -Another great scholarship opportunity for students in all grade levels is RAISE ME.  Students will create a portfolio and add course grades, clubs, sports, volunteer activities and more information.  For each activity/achievement, students will earn scholarships from colleges, which are awarded only if they attend that college.  Please note, scholarships are issued from each individual college/university and students will only receive awards from the college they actually attend.


    Going Merry is a common app for scholarships.  It's a free service that simplifies the scholarship application process.  Going Merry helps with Matching (once you fill out your student profile, you are automatically matched with scholarships), Direct Applications (you can apply directly to multiple scholarships without leaving the site), Auto Filled Applications (all of the information from your student profile is auto filled into each application) and Estimated Application Times (every scholarship has an estimated application time). 


    Scholarships for Women is a resource that provides financial assistance and scholarship and grant opportunities to women and girls.


    Business School Scholarships is an additional site for students interested in pursuing a Business Degree to find scholarships suited to their chosen field of study.  Applicants can search scholarships by deadline.  Each scholarship includes application requirements with a description.


    Nursing Scholarships and Financial Aid Overview is a website for students interested in pursuing a degree in Nursing.  



    Students should also be searching for additional scholarship opportunities during their personal time.  Please visit websites such as FastwebScholarships.com and UNIGO Scholarships to find scholarships that apply to you!  Remember, you can also search for scholarships through search engines such as Google or Bing.