• Crafts and Pottery I is an introduction to the ceramics processes. The intent of the course is to provide students with a fundamental background in forming, and firing techniques, using clay as an expressive medium.

    The ceramics process is time consuming, and takes practice, diligence, and patience to grasp the techniques involved in the actual execution of a given project.

    By the end of the semester ceramics students should be comfortable with the terms of the ceramics process, as well as recognize the forming, decorating and firing technique of a work of ceramic art. One of the intentions of the course is to instill an appreciation and understanding of the process, in order that students will be able to identify ceramic art throughout their various life experiences.

    This class allows for a creative and expressive outlet through multiple mediums such as a sketchbook/ art journal, clay, brainstorming/ discussions, and creative thinking/problem solving. All of these skills can be used in any content area and throughout life lessons.

Ms. Barber

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Ms. Barber

 Ms. Barber has been practicing ceramics for over 12 years. She first started as a student at CRHS taking the Crafts and Pottery class and has been working with clay ever since. She attended CCC and was involved with the ceramics program there at Clay College and received a ceramic certificate. She also attended Rowan University to receive her art education degree which then lead her to get her Masters in Fine Arts with a concentration in Ceramics at the University of Delaware.