• Please check your REMIND daily and be sure to contact Mrs. Campbell with any questions.  Lesson plans with activities are posted here:  


    WEEK ONE: Monologue Writing



    • Next, write a monologue for each character represented by the description in the DO NOW. This means you should have FIVE total monologues – write one per day.


    • Use this handout to write your monologues: MONOLOGUE HANDOUT OR you can just type them into an e-mail and send them to me. Be sure to have a good hook and a clear plot mountain progression (exposition, conflict, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution).
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  • Welcome to Dramatic Arts Academy 4!  There are many opportunities in store for this semester for students to apply the skills and techniques learned in previous Dramatic Arts classes in a performance-based setting.  In addition to daily acting exercises, theatre games, rehearsals, and performance projects, students will participate in workshops with theatre professors and performers that will expose them to
    additional techniques and provide insight for multiple aspects of the theatre profession (stage management, design, etc.). 
    Most importantly, students will be expected to apply all of their experiences with Dramatic Arts through their participation in the class production.  This is going to be an
    exciting semester, but it is important that both the student and parent/guardian understands the expectations and commitment required for successful completion of this course.



Degrees and Certifications:

File Library - Unit 2: Play Study and Dramaturgy

File Library - Unit 3: The Play Production Process

File Library - Unit 4: Theatre History: Romanticism to Realism

File Library - Unit 5: Directing for the Stage