Cumberland Regional High School—as a center of educational resources and in accordance with the NJ Core Content Standards—develops students to their fullest academic potential by providing multiple opportunities for all students to become life-long learners and responsible citizens and by inspiring and encouraging the combined efforts of students, staff, family, and community.  (Adopted – October 2007) 

    The beginning courses offer students the opportunity to grasp pronunciation and structure of a particular modern or classical language. Communication skills are emphasized through dialogues and practice of language patterns.  Elementary reading texts with controlled vocabulary are introduced.  Students will gain a familiarity with the cultures where the target language is spoken. Extensive use will be made of taped material by native speakers.


    Unit 1 - Chapter 1: Le bon vieux temps

    Unit 2 - Chapter 2: Un week-end en plein air

    Unit 3 - Chapter 3: Es-tu en forme? 

    Unit 4 - Chapter 4: On s'amuse!

    Unit 5 - Chapter 5: Partons en vacances!




    From: Mr. Cisse

              Teacher of French



    FRENCH 4 - BLOCK 3

    Day 1: Emergency Lesson Plan

    Statement of the Objective(s):

    Students will be able to describe a movie or book.

    Chapter 9: - go over vocabulaire 1 from French textbook, pages 310 and 311.

                      - go over Exprimons-nous! from French textbook, page 311.

                      - do the online activity on vocabulaire 1: www.go.hrw.comfrench 


    Day 2: Emergency Lesson Plan

    State of the Objective(s):

    Students will be able to ask for information.

    Chapter 9: - read Flash culture from your French textbook, page 312.

                      - go over Exprimons-nous! from your French textbook, page 313.

                      - No assignment for Day 2.


    Day 3: Emergency Lesson Plan

    Statement of the objective(s):

    Students will be able to use clauses that begin with qui or que (that, which, who, or whom) to describe something or someone you they have already mentioned.

    Chapter 9: - go over Grammaire 1 a l'oeuvre from your French textbook, 

                         page 314.

                       - go over "Deja vu!" from French textbook, page 314.

                      - No assignment for Day 3


    Week 10 assignment due date: Friday, June 5, 2020


    World Language Department

    French 2 and 4

    From: Mr. Cisse

    RE: Potential Closure of School


              As you are aware, Cumberland Regional High school is preparing for a potential closure. In this letter, I will give detailed information that will help make this process a smooth one for everyone. This letter is specially for French 2, and French 4 courses for the second semester.

              - First the following are my office hours from Monday to Friday:

                          Office hours: 10 am - 11 am Morning

                                                2:00 pm - 3:00 pm Afternoon


              - Second, every student is expected to complete my work assigned in a timely fashion. All assignments will have due date.


               - Thirdly, all students and parents should be communicating with me via e-mail.

                           French 2 - Block 2 and 4

                           French 4 - Block 3


    Lastly, our main form of classwork will be given to you via my website with the due date.

    We will be in constant communication and will make the best of it. I can also be reached via school phone number (856) 451-9400 Ext, 359


    Thank you for your understanding and commitment to continue the learning process.


    Mr. Cisse,

    Teacher of French







    The World Language program intends to develop not only a facility in the target language, but also an increased student awareness of and respect for the diversity of cultures. Students will develop the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing as they learn to communicate in the target language.

    All New Jersey high school students are now required to take at least one semester of a world language. Students requiring remedial assistance in Language Arts may experience difficulty, and should consider beginning World Language studies in their sophomore year. It is recommended that students follow the natural sequence. In order to be placed in Level 2 World Language without taking Level 1 (i.e. Skip French 1 and take French 2) a student must receive a recommendation from their World Language teacher and earn a 90% or better on a placement exam. World Language teachers are asked to provide a list of students to the CRHSD Guidance department by April 30th. The Supervisor of Humanities will administer the placement exam prior to the end of the school year. Students will be notified of placement by their guidance counselor prior to the start of the school year.

    FRENCH 1

    The beginning courses offer students the opportunity to grasp pronunciation and structure of a particular modern or classical language. Communication skills are emphasized through dialogues and practice of language patterns. Elementary reading texts with controlled vocabulary are introduced. Students will gain a familiarity with the cultures where the target language is spoken. Extensive use will be made of age appropriate authentic material.

    FRENCH 2

    The second year language courses reinforce the command of communication skills as students expand the insights attained through an awareness of cultural diversity. Students are expected to continue to develop effective strategies for reading and listening, for speaking and writing, and for observing and analyzing culture. Grammatical concepts are addressed as they arise. Extensive use of age appropriate authentic material will continue.

    FRENCH 3

    The third year language courses continue to emphasize the development of skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing the target language. Short works of literature are read and analyzed for the insights they may provide into the culture of different peoples. Opportunities for oral presentations and free composition based on age appropriate authentic materials may also be provided. Subjunctive mood may be introduced.


    Communication skills continue to be developed and refined. Students are presented with a wide variety of cultural components. Age appropriate reading texts are varied and expose students to several genres, including poetry. A grammatical review may include the subjunctive mood. Opportunities for oral presentations and free composition are plentiful. Independent research projects may also be assigned, and students may explore career opportunities available for language specialists.


    An Independent Study program may be provided for students who have successfully completed the equivalent of the four-year program. Students may read the selected literary works required for the Advanced Placement syllabus in literature or prepare for the Advanced Placement Language Exam. Students in Latin 5 may also pick a research option where they research one or more topics of Roman culture. Students who wish to pursue this option should not approach individual faculty. An interest should be discussed with the guidance counselor. The student’s transcript will reflect the PASS/FAIL option. The grade will not be calculated into the student’s grade point average.


Classroom Policy

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