• Dear Parents/Guardians,

    I would like to take this opportunity to write a letter of introduction to the parents/guardians of each one of my students.  My name is Mr. Grigioni and I am your son/daughter’s World History teacher.  I look forward to working with each student to ensure that they move on to the next grade, to a post-secondary school, and ultimately to a knowledgeable understanding of our world and its many cultures.

    It is in my hopes that each parent/guardian will take the time to encourage their student’s participation in this class and all of their classes at Cumberland Regional High School.  I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to speak with each and every parent/guardian throughout the year on a regular basis whether through phone calls, emails, or parent-teacher conferences.  Students and parents are welcome to email me concerning assignments, policies, or any questions that might arise concerning our Social Studies class. 

    Attached you will find a list of class rules and a syllabus.  Please take the time to read over these in order to have an understanding of what is expected of all students.  Any help you can give me in holding your student accountable would be greatly appreciated.  Students are expected to come prepared for class with their notebook, writing utensil, and any work that may have been assigned.   I expect students to come to class prepared at all times and with a desire to complete this class successfully.

    MEET THE TEACHERS NIGHT – THURSDAY, September 21, 2017 6:00 PM – COME MEET US!!


    Best regards,
    Mr. Zachary Grigioni
    Email: grigioni@crhsd.org
    School: 856-451-9400 ext. 344
    Website: www.crhsd.org


    I acknowledge that by affixing my signature, I have read this letter and agree to support the teacher in her application of the procedures, expectations, and consequences outlined in this document and the syllabus.

    Student Name:                                                           _______________________________

    Parent/Guardian Name:                                           ______________________________

    Parent/Guardian Signature:                                   ________________________________

    Parent/Guardian Phone:                                           _______________________________

    Parent/Guardian Email:                                            _______________________________


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