• Welcome to Geometry.

    This course is designed to be the second course in the college prep strand and will be helpful in all fields, especially mathematics and science. The student will be expected to develop skills in proofs by using deductive reasoning. The content includes working with angles, triangles, parallelism, area, and volumes of polygons. A scientific calculator is required for this course. Geometry may be taken concurrently with Algebra 2. Students enrolled in this course will take the Geometry PARCC test.


    PREPARATION POLICY: Students are expected to come prepared everyday with the following items:

    • BINDER: Every student is to have a 1” THREE RING BINDER with notebook paper. This binder should be brought to class EVERY DAY. All work should be kept in the binder and in an organized fashion.
    • PENCIL
    • CALCULATOR(from class set)


    • HEADING: All assignments must include NAME, DATE, and BLOCK NUMBER.
    • PENCIL: All work must be completed in pencil unless otherwise noted. Any work not completed in pencil will result in a deduction of 5%.
    • CLASS PARTICIPATION: Each and every student is expected to participate in class discussion and group assignments. The classroom is a learning environment where everyone should be comfortable to ask or answer any questions. This is part of the learning process. The following count toward your class participation grade:
      • Preparation
      • Participation in class and group discussions/assignments
      • Discipline
    • CLASSWORK: Work completed in class will occasionally be collected and counted as a grade. This included all work completed when I have to be absent and there is a substitute.

      • Homework is to be completed the day that it is assigned. Every problem should be attempted.
      • Homework should be done neatly and completely.
      • Homework will be graded based on the completeness as well as the quality of the work completed.
      • Students will be graded on a 5 point scale for homework.
    • TESTS/QUIZZES(tests count as 40% and quizzes count as 35% of your grade)
      • Tests are major assignments and will be given periodically throughout the marking period.
      • Quizzes will occur more often than tests; i.e. 2 times a week.
      • Lowest quiz grade may be dropped each marking period barring no disciplinary issues
    • PROJECTS(count as a test grade):
      • There will be a minimum of 3 projects assigned this year. They will count as a test grade. Adequate time will be given; if the project is turned in late it will cost you the following points:
        • 1 day = 10 points
        • 2 days = 20 points
        • 3 days = 30 points
        • 4 days = 40 points
        • Anything more than 4 days late will be given a 0% grade.
      • Homework is expected to be completed on time and due at the BEGINNING of class.
      • Homework will be reviewed each day in class therefore no late homework will be accepted. It MUST be done the day it is assigned. If not, a grade of 0 will be given.
      • Students are responsible for getting and turning in makeup work.
      • Students will have 1 day late for every day absent to make up any missed work.
      • It is the STUDENT’S responsibility to pick up their makeup work.
      • Cell Phones/electronics are not to be used during classroom instruction.
      • If you are caught using it, the discipline plan will go into effect.
      • If it is excessive, security will be called to remove the device from the classroom.
      • There will be times when cell phones will be used as part of the instructional process. This is the ONLY time cell phones should be used during class.



Degrees and Certifications: