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  • Welcome to Honors Geometry!

    In this course, students will be expected to develop skills in proofs by using deductive reasoning. The content includes working with angles, triangles, parallelism, area, and volumes of polygons.

    For incoming 9th grade students, there is a requirement that the student completes Algebra 1 in the eighth grade and meets the Honors Program Requirement. For all other students, they must complete Algebra 1B with an A and have teacher(s) recommendations. Students must meet the Honors Program Requirement. Students enrolled in this course will take the Geometry PARCC test.



    • Tests are weighted 40% of your grade.  All tests will be announced and you will have a review sheet.  Any material covered in the chapter being tested may appear on the test.  If you are absent the day of the review, you will be expected to take the test/quiz with the class. If you miss a test/quiz, you will be expected to make it up on the day of your return
    • Quizzes are weighted 35%.  Most quizzes will be announced.  We may review for some, but not all of them.  You are expected to study for them on your own.

    • Assignments are weighted 25%.  All homework is due the following class.  NO LATE ASSIGNMENTS will be accepted.  I will go over homework every day.  It is your responsibility to ask for clarification on problems that you had difficulty with.  Part of this assignment grade will include participation and coming to class with your book, pencil and notebook.

    PREPARATION POLICY: Students are expected to come prepared everyday with the following items:

    • BINDER: Every student is to have a THREE RING BINDER with notebook paper. This binder should be brought to class every day. All work should be kept in the binder and in an organized fashion.
    • PENCIL
    • CALCULATOR (from class set)


    Students are responsible for completing all make-up work, this includes classroom notes.  In accordance with the Student Handbook, you have as many days to make up the work as days you were absent. (Ex. If you were absent two days, you have two days to make up any assignment(s).) If you fail to return your work within this time period, you will receive a zero. 

    Tests and Quizzes will be made up during Unit Lunch or SERA, as well as addition help will be provided.

    Math Tools

    As mathematicians, you will be required to have the following tools for this course: a compass, protractor, and a straightedge (ruler).  These can be purchased at most stores where school supplies are sold (Walmart, CVS, Staples, etc.). Students must have these supplies by September 12th at the latest.

    Calculator Policy

    Each student will be assigned a calculator with a number. This is your calculator.  You are solely responsible for any damage to that assigned calculator. All calculators will be collected and accounted for before any student leaves the classroom


    Student may use the lavatory when no formal instruction is being conducted.   This is including: the first and last five minutes of class, during independent practice or while problems are being written on the board. After obtaining a pass, each student is responsible for signing out when they leave and signing in when they return.  Only one person leaves the classroom at a time.  If any student abuses the privileges of the lavatory, consequences will follow.  (School Policy: 5 min)

    End of Class Dismissal

    The bell does not dismiss you, the teacher does.  Please be respectful and do no pack up while the teacher is still teaching.  All supplies and materials must be correctly put away and accounted for before any student leaves the classroom. There will be NO standing or lining up at the door.

    Electronics Policy

    • Students may use devices during lunch and SERA ONLY
    • Ear buds may only be in one ear at any time.
    • Students may not listen to cell phones in the hallway except during lunch. The only time students will be permitted to have earbuds in in the hallways will be during Lunch. Any other time, it will be a violation of our discipline policy. If a teacher sees that a student is listening to an electronic device or has a cell phone out in the hallway should immediately be written up
    • Any electronic device problems in the classroom will be dealt with as a disruption and punished accordingly. Teachers will be asked to write up the infraction with a discipline referral in genesis
    • Items will be confiscated if there is a recording issue, or if a student is using the electronic device in a classroom. IN ORDER TO ENFORCE THIS POLICY, WARNINGS SHOULD NOT BE GIVEN 

    Just so you know…

    Please feel free to come to me if you have any questions or concerns about anything that happens in class.  I am here to provide all the help and support necessary.  We can set up a time to meet during SERA or Unit Lunch if necessary.  I can also be reached via email at levandowski@crhsd.org.  Please come to me, my door is always open.

    This class will only be as fun and exciting as you make it, so let’s have a good semester. 



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