• Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year!

    The goal of this elective is to develop an appreciation and awareness of African-American literature as well as to enable students to continue to teach themselves about African-American literature and culture after taking the class. Poetry, narratives, drama, novels, folktales and speeches are just some of the types of literature to be explored. Students will be responsible for journal writing, projects, written and oral assignments, silent and oral reading, and at-home reading assignments.


    • Unit 1—The Oral Tradition, Folk Tales, and the Epic in Africa (to c 1750)
    • Unit 2 – Slave Narratives, Folk Tales (cont.) and Spirituals (1746-1865)
    • Unit 3 – Reconstruction, Jim Crow, Inequality and Segregation (1865-1919)
    • Unit 4 – The Harlem Renaissance and Their Eyes Were Watching God (novel) (1920s- 30s)
    • Unit 5 – Black Arts Era (1965-1975/6)
    • Unit 6 – Literature since 1975


    3 ring binder

    Filler paper

    7 dividers (Divided by Units)

    1-2 pens/pencils DAILY



    This class runs during 1st block, 1st semester from 7:30 - 8:59.


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