Adler, Michelle Citizens Advisory Committee
Aiello, Ralph 221 Principal
Asher, Aryn 340 Teacher of Language Arts, Science
Athey, Laurie 226 Child Study Team
Bagley, Katelyn 374 Teacher of Math
Barber, Ashley 312 Teacher of Art
Battiata, Terri 248 Athletics Secretary
Bell, Linda Citizens Advisory Committee
Benfer, Amy 361 Teacher of Art
Bernstein, Cindy 279 Colt Connection
Bostwick, David 307 Teacher of Social Studies
Brogen, Dena 368 Teacher of Math
Builes, Jennifer 672 Teacher of Students with Disabilities
Bullock, Cathy 256 Secretary for C-House
Campbell, Elisabeth 386 Teacher of Dramatic Arts
Campbell, Ronald Board of Education
Carman, Robin 265 Cafeteria Manager
Carson, Edward 305 Teacher of Language Arts
Carter, Janice Board of Education
Ceresini, Jason 367 Teacher of Social Studies
Checchio, David 333 Teacher of Special Education
Chiari-Pearce, Marcia 390 Teacher of Language Arts
Christian-Hunsberger, Theresa Board of Education
Chung, Andrew 395 Teacher of Math, STEM
Church, Chiara 212 Accounts Payable
Cisse, Issa 359 Teacher of World Language
Csaszar, Lauren 339 Teacher of Physical Education/Health
Davis, Thomas Board of Education
Dorisio, Lauri 388 Teacher of Language Arts
Draggoo, Amy 223 Child Study Team
DuBois, Cindy 269 Assessments, Teacher of Math
Earnest, John 394 Teacher of Physical Education/Health
Evans, Ashley 357 Teacher of Physical Education/Health
Fisher, Ian 241 Guidance
Fougeray, Daniel 378 Teacher of Physical Education/Health
Fox, Erica 317 Teacher of Science
Fox-Garrison, Dianne 258 Secretary for M-House
Fuller, Christine 375 Teacher of Technology
Garavento, Stephen 313 Teacher of Social Studies
Gonzalez, Arsenio 214 Security Coordinator
Graiff, Jeffrey 399 Teacher of Art
Greynolds, Ann Marie 229 Guidance Office Secretary
Grigioni, Zachary 344 Teacher of Social Studies
Hall, Kimberly Board of Education
Hamilton, Phillip 314 Teacher of Music
Hand, Cody 672 Teacher of Social Studies
Harbinson, Bruce 219 Business Administrator
Harrison, Betsy 365 Teacher of Music
Heaton, Jacob 392 Teacher of Physical Education/Health
Hendrickson, Dan 393 Teacher of Math
Hocker, William 360 Teacher of Social Studies
Hoopes, Dr. Scott 201 Interim Superintendent/Chief Educational Officer
Hoxworth, Michelle 321 Teacher of Physical Education/Health
Husted, Rich 318 Teacher of Social Studies
Jackson, Jackie 211 HR Coordinator
Jackson, Ken Board of Education
Johnson, Terence 256 Assistant Principal
Jorgenson, Todd 204 Supervisor of Athletics
Kelly, Timothy 677 Teacher of Science, Mr. Lake Class Archive
Kennedy, Colleen 273 Colt Connection
Kennedy, Michelle Citizens Advisory Committee
Kennedy, William 241 Guidance
Krementz, Brandon 335 Teacher of Math
Kuntz, Paul 271 Senior Technician
Kuntz Sr., Paul 237 Technology Systems Manager
Landwher, Connie 201 Secretary to Superintendent
Landwher, Dana 257 Assistant Principal
LaRosa, Samantha 306 Teacher of Science
Lawrence-Evans, Matt Wellness Counselor
Levandowski, Ashley 325 Teacher of Math
Lloyd, Barry 206 Payroll
Lloyd, Tammy 244 Guidance
Lupchinsky, Julie 328 Teacher of Math
MacEwen, Jaime 228 Teacher of Language Arts, Freshman Seminar/Senior Mentoring
Magsam, Aimee 371 Teacher of Math
Manogue, Megan 309 Teacher of Language Arts
Mantooth, Laura 219 Board Office Clerk II
Marguglio, Beverly 257 Secretary for D-House
Mariano, Alicja 301 Teacher of Language Arts
Martin, Justin 284 Humanities Supervisor
Masters, Kristin 353 Teacher of World Language
Mauro, Kelly 221 Secretary to Principal
McLaughlin, Nadya Teacher of Spanish
Mitchell, Gregory 337 Teacher of Math, Science
Moore, Lindsay 350 Teacher of Physical Education/Health
Moorhouse, Cynthia 208 Secretary - Attendance
Muhlbaier, Catherine 372 Teacher of Language Arts
Myers, Cathleen 0 Secretary, Main Office
Nieves, Jy'Isha 268 Professional Resources Coordinator
Ninfa, Allison 319 Teacher of Science
Palys, Jessica 310 Teacher of Language Arts
Perkins, Chrissy 260 Transportation Coordinator
Petrutz, Angela 343 Teacher of Math
Pierce, Edith Citizens Advisory Committee
Pilla, Jeffrey 315 Teacher of Science
Pillis, Mark 326 Teacher of Cumberland Day Program
Powers, Bonnie 259 Director of Curriculum
Prater, Colleen 202 Colt Connection
Ramos, Esmirna 355 Teacher of World Language
Reaves-Marshina, Nicole 336 Teacher of Language Arts, Yearbook
Reichardt, Scott 243 Guidance
Ritter, Paul 316 Teacher of Science
Rivera, Amanda 225 Child Study Team
Rizzo, Marisa 262 Asst. to the Athletic Supervisor/Athletic Trainer
Rojas, Alicia 329 Teacher of World Language
Romeo, Peter 373 Teacher of Math
Rosado, Felicita 302 Teacher of World Language
Samuels, Chris 238 Network/Systems Admin.
Saul, Lisa 366 Teacher of Science
Sawyer, Jared 379 Teacher of Mathematics
Sayre, Ed 332 Teacher of Information Technology
Schilling, Ashley 233 Registrar
Serfass, Jesica 304 Teacher of Math
Severino, Brett 342 Teacher of Math
Sheppard, Valerie 253 Supervisor of Math, Science & Agriculture
Simons, Tiffany 338 Teacher of Science
Smith, Erety 246 Guidance Counselor
Smith, Nicole 387 Teacher of Agriculture
Smith, Tom 266 Supervisor of Buildings & Grounds
Spoltore, Joseph 222 Assistant Principal
Stant, Lisa 217 Secretary to Child Study Team
Steigerwalt, Otto 341 Teacher of Physical Education/Health
Swineford, Eryn 648 Teacher of Language Arts
Taniguchi, Lauren 209 Grants/Communications Coordinator
Thomas, Eugene 323 Teacher of Social Studies
Thompson, Kate Citizens Advisory Committee
Thorne, Patricia 334 Teacher of Agriculture
Todd, Jennifer 324 Teacher of Math
Tompkins, Lauren 320 Teacher of Social Studies
Trexler, Lisa Board of Education
Van de Zilver, John 346 Teacher of Science
Vanlier, Lauren 380 Teacher of Physical Education/Health, Peer Leadership
Waddington, Beth 232 Nurse
Walls, Denise 230 Nurse
Weist, Kathleen 370 Teacher of Science, STEM
Werley, Carrie Citizens Advisory Committee
White, Chris 272 Computer Technician
Wilchensky, Barbara Board of Education
Wiley, Jennifer 330 Teacher of Art
Williams, Robert 322 Teacher of Social Studies
Wilson, Chrysta 311 Teacher of Language Arts
Wilson, Grace 639 Teacher of Business
Wojcik, Valerie Board of Education