• Spanish I students are introduced to different thematic topics that include personal information about student’s immediate world, which includes their interests, school life, family, friends, and themselves.  These units build basic vocabulary and grammar skills.  Students will be able to ask and understand basic information to be able to communicate in the language.  In addition, this course will seek to enhance the understanding of the diverse cultures in the different Spanish speaking countries.  

    Course Length: Semester     Credits: 5

    Topics—Español I

    1-Mis amigos y yo (My friends and I)
    2-La Escuela (School)
    3-La Comida (Food)
    4-Los Pasatiempos (Leisure Activities)
    5-La Familia (Family)

Strategies/Tips for Success in Spanish Class

  • Strategies/Tips for Success in Spanish class

    1.  Learn your vocabulary words.  Use flashcards to study the vocabulary words.  Never study them in order because it gives you a false sense of security (you think you know it but you really don’t).  You can also use www.studyblue.com or a flashcard app on the iPad.

    2. Print and Redo the different textbook/workbook activities that have been done in class.  Also, this gives you an opportunity to see how well you understand the vocabulary words/grammar concepts in context.

    3. Learn the meaning of the verb and its conjugations.  Practice the verb conjugations by doing timed tests on various blank verb charts.  It can take up to six timed tests to master all of the conjugations.  Always study/practice writing out the verbs out of order. Also, wait at least 15 minutes prior to starting another speed drill practice.

    4. Utilize websites such as: www.studyspanish.comwww.conjuguemos.com, and www.duolingo.comwww.studyspanish.comwww.spaleon.com, and www.digitaldialects.com to review old vocabulary, find further clarification explanations on grammar concepts, and also to do some practice exercises.

    5. Avoid cramming for a test/quiz the night before.  Start preparing for an upcoming test/quiz at least three days prior to the test/quiz day.  The third day should be the day you review all of the material you have been studying gradually at once.

    Note:  Please do not wait until you have fallen further behind to say that you are struggling with the material.  Seek me out for help when you feel that you are not fully understanding what is being taught in class.  Actively participating in class is a terrific way to master the material. 

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