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    • This is a five-credit laboratory course, which is recommended for any student planning to enter college as a science major. 
    • Students planning to take Advanced Placement Chemistry should enroll in this course. 
    • The student will learn about the properties of matter and the chemical changes it undergoes.  The course includes atomic theory and structure, bonding, writing chemical equations, performing chemical calculations, understanding solutions, gases, and acids, and bases.  
    • Chemical Theory is applied and explored through laboratory experiences where safety is my first priority.
    • Many techniques are employed to cover topics with appropriate illustrations through PowerPoint presentations, videos, and demonstrations. 
    • Active class participation is an important tool to assess student understanding of chemistry.

    Grades in Chem are earned not given.  Therefore the words “Saul only gave me a…” should be eliminated from your vocabulary.

    Each marking period’s grade will be based on the grades earned on the following:

                               40%=Major Assignments

                               30%=Minor Assignments 

                               30%=Daily Assignments



Degrees and Certifications: