• I co-teach this class with Ms. Carrie Phillips-Burke.  It is 3rd Block and in room B204.

    Class Materials:

      Textbook (Will be provided by the teacher if needed)

      Focus Activity Booklet (Will be provided by the teacher)

      Pencils (At least one for each class)

      Three ring binder (Notes, handouts, etc.)

      Student may bring their own or can be provided by the teacher

      Calculator (Will be provided by the teacher)

      TI-83 Plus


    Classroom Rules:

    1st – You must follow all the rules found in the CRHS Handbook (Found on School Website)

    2nd – You must be respectful to your fellow classmates, me, and yourself.

    3rd – When I ask you to do something, please take care of it.

    4th – Please keep all electronics OFF in your bags.  (Phones, iPods, iPhones, etc.)


    Classroom Policies:

    Retaking a Quiz/Test

      The test/quiz must be made up the next school day the student returns

      Student must ASK for a retake along with reviewing old assessment

      It will be taken during a predetermine time during SERA


    Homework Policy:

      Homework is checked for completion not correction.

      Homework grading is a two point system.

      Two Points: All questions are done fully along with all work shown.

      One Point: If no work is shown and/or it is only three quarters complete

      Zero Points: Anything less than the previous description.

      All work can be made up for half credit


    Grade Policy:

      Algebra 1, RC Algebra 2

      Assignments   25%

      Focus activities, exit slips, classwork, minor projects, etc.

      Quizzes           35%

      Minor Assessments, collective classwork projects, etc.

      Tests               40%

      Major projects and assessments, benchmark assessment, etc.

    Online Resources

      There will be an online component to this course

      Khan Academy and Virtual Nerd

      This site will be used for homework (video), classwork, and minor assignment

      Students will have access to the Pearson text online


    Lateness – Student must be in the room with their material on their desk

    1.   Sign the Tardy Book

                         2.   Go to your seat

                         3.   Get into the lesson

                            4.   See the teacher during Pre-dismissal

    *Students should be on time every day. The punishment for being late is in the CRHS student handbook.*


            1 late – talk to student

            2 lates – talk to parents

            3 lates – letter home

            6 lates - referral to principal

            9, 12, etc. lates - referral to principal



      Students are responsible for completing all make-up work, this includes getting the notes.

      Most information and material can be found on my website

      You will have as many days to make up your work as days you were out.

      If you fail to return your work within this time, you will receive a zero as a grade. 

                *Tests and quizzes will be made up during SERA or 1st Half of Unit Lunch, along with extra help. *


    Discipline Plan:

      My focus as an educator and disciplinarian is to be honest with the students.   I make them aware of their actions and the corresponding consequences.  The students must know that the rules set from the district and for my class must be followed. 

      When a guideline has been broken, I will always talk to the student first about the situation.  This will help me gauge the student’s personality and try to understand why they have broken the rule. 

      If this occurs again, I call home.  I feel creating a bridge to student’s parent or guardian is a strong way to develop a good connection with the student along with immediately correcting the behavior.  In addition to the phone call, I will contact their vice principal and guidance counselor to keep them aware of the situation in the classroom.

      Finally, the last step would be writing a referral and any other disciplinary actions.

                            (Note: Consequences may vary based on offence/situation)


    Practice, Watch, Repeat:

    Below are descriptions and links to two separate free online resources for the student to access outside the classroom


    Pearson Realize

    We our class we are using the Pearson series textbook for Algebra 1.  The link below this paragraph takes you to the Pearson Realize site where all students have a login and password.  They have access to an online textbook, resoures, and videos to help reinforce everything we tackle in the classroom.




    Khan Academy Videos and Skills

    Khan Academy is a free educational site I discovered a couple of years ago.

    Below you will be provided with links to videos that will reflect on topics covered throughout the semester ALONG with examples to practice these skills.

     NOTE: Students MUST log into their accounts before they watch a video or work on problems for it to register to their account.

    As students explore and discover the immense amount of knowledge from this site, they will be able to track, reflect, and reevaluate their understanding of this material. 

    Unit 1 - Systems of Linear Equations

    Unit 2 - Polynomial Expressions

    (Monomial to Polynomial "Distribution", Binomial to Binomial "FOIL"Polynomial to Polynomial)

    Unit 3 - Quadratic Equations and Functions

    • Solving Quadratics

    (Using Square RootsFactoringCompleting the SquareQuadractic Formula)

    Unit 4 - Exponents and Exponential Functions

    Unit 5 - Comparison Between Linear, Exponential and Quadratic Functions

    Unit 6 - Radical Expression

    Unit 7 - Descriptive Statistics



Degrees and Certifications: