• Dear Parents/Guardians:

    My name is Linda Williamson.  I received my undergraduate degree at Rowan University.    I have a Masters in K-12 Technology which I received from Nova Southeastern University.

    I am a special educator at Cumberland Regional High School.  This school year I am pleased to say I am working with the Math department.  I will work alongside Ms. Lupchinsky first block and we will be teaching Algebra 2.   Second block I will be on Prep. Third block I will be back with Ms. Lupchinsky teaching Geometry.    Fourth block I will be with Mr. Severino and we shall teach Algebra 1.  Each teacher has his or her own unique teaching style, which very successfully meets the needs of all of our students.  I am extremely proud and pleased to be working alongside of each one. 

    If you have any questions, I may be reached by email at: williamson@crhsd.org   I may also be reached by telephone at 856-451-9400 ext. 308.   Email is the fastest way to contact me, but I try to check my phone messages daily.

    I look forward to a very exciting and academic semester with your student.

    Algebra 2 will prepare students for pre-calculus and college.  The course will consist of taking notes, classwork/homework, quizzes, and tests.  Students are expected to follow directions and be respectful at all times. It is very important that students pay attention so they understand the concepts. I encourage students to contact me if they have questions or concerns with the material.  They can email me, send me a remind message, or come to me personally. 

    So please any questions, feel free to email or ccall I will gladly love to chat with you.

    Linda Williamson


    Algebra 2                                                                                 

    Voicemail: 856-451-9400, ext. 308                           
    Email: williamson@crhsd.org
    Website: Go to www.crhsd.org

    Topics Covered

    • Brief Review
    • Quadratic Functions & Factoring
    • Polynomials & Polynomial Functions
    • Rational Exponents & Radical Functions
    • Exponential & Logarithmic Functions
    • Rational Functions
    • Sequences & Series
    • Data Analysis & Statistics
    • Quadratic Relations & Conic Sections
    • Trigonometric Rations & Functions


    1.   Always be KIND and RESPECTFUL.

    2.   Follow directions the first time.

    3.   Remain quiet and pay attention

    4.   If it’s not yours, don’t touch it.

    5.   Food, beverages, music, phones, and make up belong in your locker or bag.

    Discipline Policy for Rule Violation 

    1st Offense    Verbal Warning (one warning)

    2nd Offense   phone call home

    3rd Offense   Referral


    1st Offense    Told to put phone away and phone call home

    2nd Offense   Security will be called


    Tests 40%

         *This will include chapter tests and unit benchmarks.

    Quizzes - 35%

    *This will include quizzes from the material, notebook quizzes.  Quizzes will not always be announced.

    Classwork/Homework - 25%

    *Remember classwork and homework are practice and will help you prepare for tests and quizzes.

    The only missing assignments I accept are due to absences. 

    Rubric used to grade classwork/homework







    Cannot read or follow any of the work for any problem.

    Handwriting is legible, but there is no organization of work for the problems.

    Handwriting is legible and the student shows some organization of work for problems.

    Handwriting is legible and all student work is organized and easy to follow.



    Finished 0% of the problems.

    Finished less than 50% of the problems.

    Finished less than 100% of the problems.

    Finished 100% of the problems.


    Answered 0% of the problems correctly.

    Answered less than 50% of the problems correctly.

    Answered less than 100% of the problems correctly.

    Answered 100% of the problems correctly.


    Did not write name on paper.

    Wrote name on paper.





    Classroom Procedures

    Come to Class Prepared

         1.  Pencil/Pen – all work should be completed in pencil only.

         2.  Notebook

         3.  Any Homework/absent assignments

    Entering the Room

         1.  Walk into the classroom calmly.

         2.  Pick up a focus activity. (Refer to the board for direction)

         3.  Go directly to your seat. (Once in the room, no leaving)

         4.   Materials out on the desk and bags (purses) on the floor.

         5.  Begin working quietly.  (No voices I can distinguish.)

    Note taking

         1.  Clear Desks (All bags should be on the floor/chair)

         2.  Eyes on Me

         3.  No Talking

    Quizzes and Tests 

         1.  Clear Desks

         2.  Keep your eyes on your own work. 

         3.  Remain quiet. (NO TALKING!)

         4.  Only questions regarding instructions will be answered during a test or quiz.

    End of Class

    1.  Put all any supplies or equipment away. 

    2.  Clean up your area, including the floor.

    3.  You must be in a seat until the bell rings.  No one leaves unless everyone is in a seat.

    4.  This is the only time you may be on your phones.

    When leaving the classroom

    • You must sign out/in noting the location and time.


         1.  Sign in by the door.

         2.  Go to your seat

         3.  Get into the lesson

    Students should be on time every day. The consequence for being late is in the CRHS student handbook. 

    1 late – talk to student

    2 lates – talk to parents

    3 lates - letter home

    6 lates - referral to principal

    9, 12, etc. lates - referral to principal


    Students are responsible for completing all make-up work, this includes getting the notes from another student. Make up work can be found in the file on the bulletin board labeled with your block. Make sure you hand in your make-up work as soon as possible so not to forget. When you are absent, you will receive a zero for a grade until you hand in your work.  Your grade will change as soon as the work is submitted.  **Tests and quizzes will be made up during lunch or SERA. Help is also available at this time. **

    ² Remember…if you are having problems with the material or have questions, it is your responsibility to come to me.  You can send me a remind message, email me, or come to me personally. 

    Lavatory breaks 

    Students may leave for the lavatory when there is no formal instruction going on. (examples: while working on classwork or putting problems on the board, etc.) Every student should sign out when they leave and then sign in when they return.  Only one boy and one girl are allowed to leave at a time. No one should take more than 5 minutes to use the lavatory.  Abusing this privilege will result in not being allowed out of class.

    Calculator Policy

    We will be using the TI-83 Plus in class.  Every student will be assigned a calculator with a number. This is your calculator.You are responsible for any damage to or any inappropriate material on that calculator. This will more than likely result in a fine card. 

    All calculators will be collected 5 minutes before the bell rings and the class does not leave the room until all the calculators are accounted for.



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