• 6/10/2020 Wednesday!

    *Reminder: Office Hours 9-10 am & 12-1 pm.

    1. Since CNN 10 is done for the summer you will have to go to cnn.com or another website of your choosing and write your facts or summary based on one or more topic or article.  You could also watch a news broadcast on the internet or tv if you would like or read a newspaper. 

    The only required assignment today is the current event.  Thanks so much for all of your hard work!

    Student End of Year Instructions

    *For World History you will get your last assignment on 6/10/20.  You will have until 6/17 to turn in additional/missing assignments.  On 6/10 I will send out assignment lists to all students which you can use with your e-mail inbox to find directions for missing assignment.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to e-mail me through June 17th.  Thank You for all of your hard work!


    1. The official last day of school will be June 17.
    2. Mr. Aiello has sent you a form to use when returning items to the school.
    3. Underclassmen will begin to return them on June 11th 8-11 Monday through Friday.
    4. The last day to return items without receiving a fine will be June 17th.
    5. Student will come to the front of the building when dropping off items. Staff will be outside at tables. There will be one table for computers and another for all other items such as textbooks.
    6. Students must be wearing a mask.
    7. All items will be checked in. Anything missing will be relayed to the teacher to place fines in Genesis.

    When turning in textbooks (either on masking tape, post it note, or small piece of paper) please write:

    1. Student Name
    2. Bostwick C-308


                                Thank You!


              It was awesome having you in class this semester.  For those of you who are happy with your current average I wish you a happy, healthy & safe summer.  Thanks to you & your families for your patience & hard work during the twists & turns of remote learning.  For those of you who will be turning in additional / missing work I will still be available via e-mail & will accept work until 12pm on June 17th.  I wish we could have been together since March because I have missed each one of you.  I look forward to seeing you during the 2020-2021 school year.


                                                             All of the Best,


                                                              Mr. Bostwick





    6/9/2020 Tuesday!

    *Reminder: Office Hours 9-10 am & 12-1 pm.

    1. Since CNN 10 is done for the summer you will have to go to cnn.com or another website of your choosing and write your facts or summary based on one or more topic or article.  You could also watch a news broadcast on the internet or tv if you would like or read a newspaper. 


    1. A. Look over the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on pages 604-610.
    2. Type / write the article number & plain language version of any 4 articles that interest you.
    3. Rank the articles on the line before your explanation (1= most important, 4= least important).
    4. Write 2-3 sentences explaining why you made your choice for #1.


    -------: Article 7 explains that…

    ------: Article 2 is explains that…

    -------: Article 29 explains that …

    -------: Article 18 explains that …


    All 4 of these articles are important to the past and should be studied/experienced by us & future generations.  I feel that the most important article out of these 4 is…





    6/8/2020 Monday!

    *Reminder: Office Hours 9-10 am & 12-1 pm.

    1. Since CNN 10 is done for the summer you will have to go to cnn.com or another website of your choosing and write your facts or summary based on one or more topic or article.  You could also watch a news broadcast on the internet or tv if you would like or read a newspaper. 
    2. Look at the visuals/pictures on pages 207, 211, 215, 216, 217, 218 and answer the questions that are asked about each picture.  Only complete sentence/thought answers will be accepted.  Rephrase questions & tack on answers to the end.

    Ex. Page 5 Question: What values are placed in conflict by laws protecting the environment?

       Answer: The values that are placed in conflict by laws protecting the environment include…

    *Your answers can be a combination of textbook & internet research & your own knowledge!





    Overview of the Course:


    This course will provide students with a foundation in criminal law, civil law, juvenile justice, court procedures and the jury system. An emphasis will be placed on critical thinking skills, evidence based writing and debate. Activities will be designed to provide students with the ability to analyze, evaluate and resolve legal disputes. The curriculum includes case studies, mock trials, role-plays, small group exercises and visual analysis activities.


    Topics of Study:


    1st MP: Importance of laws, US Constitution, types of laws, importance of laws, law enforcement career options, types of government, criminal law, civil law, trials, jury/court system, rights of the accused, law enforcement technology, citizenship, juvenile law, veterans & the law. 


    2nd MP: Tenant protection, contracts, rental contracts, homelessness, housing codes, Bill of Rights protections, privacy, discrimination, affirmative action, types of abuse, school law, marriage law, workplace law.


    ->I. Classroom Procedures

    1. Upon entrance into the classroom put homework assignments on the teacher’s desk or a desk specified by the teacher. (I Will Not Remind You Of This Procedure!)


    1. Proceed to your seat and begin working on your “Focus Activity” exercise.


    1. Take out your textbook, notebook, and writing utensil and be prepared to get started on class assignments.


    1. Make sure that your textbook is covered at all times.


    1. Participate & cooperate during all class activities.


    6a. The bell at the end of class does not dismiss you, I do!

    6b. Remain in your seat until you are dismissed.

    6c. Keep your book, notebook, etc. out until class is over, or until you are directed to put them away.

    6d. If time is allotted for you to begin your homework, you should be working on your assignment, nothing else.


    1. Make sure that the area around your desk is clean & neat when you leave. If there is writing on your desk let me know or you will be written up for defacing school property. (Leave The Room The Same Or Better Than It Was When You Arrived!)


    1. Trash Basket / Pencil Sharpener: If possible use these at the beginning or near the end of class. If you absolutely have to use these during class do so in a way that will not interrupt the class.


    1. Request Lavatory/Nurse passes only when necessary. Please don’t interrupt class activities for either of these. *All students must sign in & out on the proper sheet before exiting the class.  *Passes will not be issued for reasons besides lav/nurse.  *No passes will be given the first or last 10 minutes of the class.  *4-5 minutes maximum for lav passes.


    1. Lateness to Class: Will be recorded and addressed according to school policy. *Your entire body must be inside the door, or you are late!


    1. If extra help is needed beyond class time see me for a SERA pass.


    ->II. Notebook

    1. Each student will be required to keep a notebook.


    1. Notebook should be separated with the following section headings:


    1. Notes
    2. Classwork / Homework
    3. Tests / Quizzes / Projects
    4. Writing Assignments


    1. Items in your notebook should be arranged in chronological order from least recent to most recent.


    1. Your notebook should help you: stay organized, find assignments, complete assignments, study for quizzes, tests, and exams.


    1. Notebook will be checked periodically, with the help of notebook tests.


    ->III. Paper Heading

    1. All assignments will be handed in with the proper heading, on the upper left-hand side of the paper, as follows:

    -FIRST LINE:-------à                         Name, Date & Block

    -SECOND LINE--à                            Assignment (Page # & Problems)


                                             Example: John Cumberland 9/5/19 Block 2

                                                                              Page 987 (1-10)


    ->IV. Homework (Expect To Have Homework 3-4 Nights A Week!)

    1. Homework assignments will be given at the end of class, on the board & verbally.


    1. Be sure to put proper heading on all assignments.


    1. Homework is due, in the teacher's desk / place teachers specifies, at the beginning of the class period, unless otherwise specified.


    1. Late Assignments: a. Always strive to hand in assignments on time.
    2. A late assignment is better than a zero.
    3. Assignments (cw/hw) will be accepted 2 days late only, with                                                        10 points deducted for each day late, after that, if opportunity                           is given to make-up assignments a maximum of 1/2 credit will                                                                                                                        be given.
    4. Absentees: a. See me for make-up work as soon as you return to class.
    5. You will have the same number of days to make up an assignment                        as you were absent.

                            *It is your responsibility to ask for make-up work!


    ->V. Tests / Quizzes / Projects

    1. I do not like or believe in pop tests or quizzes, you will never have one in my class.


    1. As our schedule permits, quizzes & tests on Mondays will be avoided.


    1. Prepare for quizzes or tests by:
    2. Participating in class & handing in assignments
    3. Consulting the organized contents of your                                                                                                                                 notebook.
    4. Using the study method that works for you.

                                                               *Studying right before the quiz / test is handed                                                                 out should not be your study method, it won’t                                                                                                                                          work!

    1. Students will know at least one day in advance when quizzes / tests will be given.

                    *Expect 1-2 Quizzes A Week & A Test Every Other Week!


    1. If the grade earned on a test/quiz is not to the satisfaction of the student you have the opportunity to retake the quiz/test. It is your responsibility to see me to retake a quiz/test. After grading the 2nd quiz/test the higher grade of the two assessments will be entered into the computer grading system.

    *Quizzes/Tests may only be taken/re-taken during SERA.  


    1. Tests/Quizzes can only be made up during SERA (see me for a time/date to make up the assessment & for a pass).


    1. A number of projects will be assigned during the school year each with its own specific due date. If project is not handed in on the due date 10 points per each day late will deducted from the total grade.


    ->VI. Grading Policy

    1. Grading Scale:

                                    A= 100-90

                                    B= 89-80

                                    C= 79-70

                                    D= 69-60

                                    F= 59-50


    1. Marking Period Grade (% System - 3 Categories)

                                                  *40% Tests (Tests/Projects/Essays)

                                                  *30% Quizzes                                              

                                                  *30% Classwork/Homework                TOTAL= 100%






    1. Curves / Drops:

    *In this class, no assignments will be graded on a curve, the grade on the assignment is the grade that will be entered/recorded.

    *If you have cooperated, participated, and have done your best in class, I will erase your lowest test score, and replace it with a 100, before a report card is issued.


    ->VII. Classroom Rules

    1. Come to class on time and prepared.
    2. Follow directions first time given. When I signal for your attention

    stop what you are doing & listen for directions.

    1. Raise hand to be recognized.
    2. Show respect to teacher, classmates, personal, and school property.
    3. When someone else is talking, you are listening.
    4. All electronic communication/audio devices should be off & out of sight. If this is not the case, security will be called to confiscate these devices & will hold them until a parent/guardian can come in & pick them up.


    ->VIII. Consequences

    1. Verbal Warning

    2 . Phone Call

    1. Referral
    2. Administrative Intervention.

    *Consequences will take place in a consistent & fair manner, on a case by case basis.  The 4 consequences above may change in order, at the discretion of the teacher & administration. (See Student Handbook For School Discipline Policies).


    ->IX. Contact Information

    1. School Address: 90 Silver Lake Rd.

                                                            Bridgeton, NJ 08302


    1. Telephone Number/Website: (856)-451-9400 / www.crhsd.org


    1. Mr. Bostwick’s #:          (856)-451-9400 Ext. 307


    1. Mr. Bostwick’s E-Mail: TBA



    1. Mr. Bostwick’s Schedule: Block 1: Human Rights DC (C-308)

                                                            Block 2:  PREP

                                                            Block 3: World History CP (C-308)


                                                            Block 4: Street Law CP (C-308)

                                                            SERA: TBA





    ->X. Differentiated Instruction Classroom

    *While in World History CP students will learn in a differentiated instruction setting.  In such a setting, some of the planning, in class activities, out of class assignments, and assessments will happen in accordance with how the student learns best (learning profile), what interests them (interest), and the students readiness for the content (readiness).  You will be a success in this class!


    ->XI. Summing It All Up * Together students, parents/guardians, teachers, administration, staff, board of education, and the community, can work together to make the 2019-2020 school year the best one ever.

    *I Look Forward To The Opportunity To Serve As Your Teacher!        



                                                                                                 -Mr. Bostwick













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