• 6/2 to 6/10 Assignment:

    • Choose one of the following 2 briefs to complete for this assignment
    • Must create a Powerpoint with all steps of the design process covered. 
      • Must be 2 brainstormed ideas
      • Create a Decision Matrix to make a decision between your two designs
      • Create an annotated sketch detailing the parts of your product and what they are for. 
      • Depict one example of research you have done to get ideas for your project.
      • Convey to the company why your product is the best and how you met each of their criteria
      • Send your completed project to deanb@crhsd.org or deanthecoach@gmail.com 

    Desk Organizer Design Brief

    Client Company

    Office Supply Chain Stores

    Target Consumer

    Teachers, Corporate Executives, and home office workers



    Problem Statement

    Keeping an office desk from becoming cluttered with papers, devices such as pens, pencils, staplers, paper clips, sticky notes, and writing pads is a never-ending task. This hinders work space and organization.

    Design Statement

    Design and model a product that will reduce the clutter that accumulates on office desks and free up space.

    1. Must not attach to the desk.

    2. Must fit into a box with interior dimensions of 6 in. depth x 12 in. width x 10 in. height.

    3. Must include a recessed area, a bent plastic part, and must have a base ¾ in. thick.

    4. Must have a minimum of five different parts once assembled.

    5. Must hold a minimum of six items.

    Emergency Supply Organizer Design Brief

    Client Company

    Auto Parts Stores

    Target Consumer

    Owners of automobiles with trunks



    Problem Statement

    Even when placed carefully in the trunk of a car, emergency supplies and other items slide around and shift positions. Many times these products are damaged or fall into the crevices of the spare tire compartment.

    Design Statement

    Design a low-cost organization system that will neatly contain emergency supplies that are commonly carried in an automobile trunk.

    1. Must not attach to any part of the car.

    2. Must fit within a box with interior dimensions of 14 in. wide x 12 in. deep x 10 in. high.

    3. Must be an assembly of a minimum of six different parts.

    4. Must hold a minimum of seven items.

    5. Must be made of a durable material.

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  • 5/26 to 6/1 Assignment:

    Use the link to watch a movie to about several of engineering wonders of the world and answer the listed questions below the video link. 

    Modern Engineering Marvels of the World

    1. Name the Engineering Marvels that are included in this video.
    2. Answer the following questions for 3 of the marvels shown on the video.
      1. What does each marvel achieve?
      2. Why is this marvel considered an engineering marvel?
      3. What country started the marvel and what country finished the marvel? 
      4. Write down three interesting numerical facts about the marvels you chose. 
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  • 5/18 to 5/22 Assignment

    Use the link to write a summary of an article that discusses humans in space.


    1. How could this effect humans in the future?
    2. What is NASA trying to achieve?
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  • 5/11 to 5/15 Assignment:

    • For your assignment for this week, you will have the freedom to create your own design brief based off one of your individual interests. 
    • You will need to submit the following elements in your design brief
      • The company name (you can create a client company or you can use an existing company)
      • Determine the target consumer (who this product will be made for)
      • Establish a project Statement (what you need designed)
      • Create a Design Statement (describing the elements of the product that you need)
      • Create a minimum of 4 constraints for the product
    • The project design brief is due to me by Friday 5/15. 
    • I will be flipping these design briefs into projects for your peers next week. Make sure you spend quality time coming up with a quality idea for one of your classmates to create a product for!
    • I am available every day for the majority of the day by remind and 12 - 2pm every week day I will be at my computer to answer questions.
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  • 4/27 - 5/8 Assignment:

    • For you assignment over the next two weeks you will have to create a product for the April Project that I sent out a last week (also is in PLTW as Unit 10 Candy Dispenser Project). You will need to hit every step of the design process. You can use your Gantt Chart for last week as a base, but remember that as you go through each step, the amount of days that you commit to each part of the project might change. 
    • For completion you will have to submit the following in a 'project packet'. A Project packet is where you submit all parts of the project under a project title page. It is very similar to what engineering consultants would turn in to a company that they are designing a product for. 
      • To submit the project packet, copy and paste the different elements into a single document (You can do this using a word document, powerpoint presentation, google doc, or google slides).
    • You will need to submit the following elements in your project packet:
      • Project Cover Page (must include your company's name and logo)
      • Paragraph Biography of yourself
      • Brainstorming (written thought process and minimum 3 possible roughly sketched designs)
      • Create and Execute a Design Matrix
      • Detailed Annotated Prototype sketch
      • Final Gantt Chart (Include Adjustments made)
      • Conclusion (Discuss whether your solution met the constraints, positives and negatives must be included)
    • The project Packet is due 5/8, but you must remind message or email me on 5/1 about your progress of your project (You should be done up to the design matrix step by this time).
    • I will be available every day for the majority of the day by remind and 12 - 2pm every week day I will be at my computer to answer questions.
    • On each wednesday, I will hold a zoom meeting that you are invited to, in order to discuss the project. I will send out the meeting information on wednesday. 
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  • 4/15 to 4/24:

    • The first assignment will be due on 4/17 through email or remind. 
      • Go to Activity 9.3 and read over the following resources
        • Teamwork and Collaboration
        • Decision Matrix
        • Gantt Chart
      • Then write one paragraph per resource explaining what the resource can help with, and how it can be used when working with a team to complete a project.
    • The second assignment will be due on 4/21 through email or remind.
      • Go to Activity 9.4 and read over the whole activity. When finished complete the following:
        • Write a sample of what you believe a Team Norm agreement should look like. (minimum half page)
        • Complete the Conclusion Questions at the end of your doucment.
    • Third Assignment: Due 4/22 by email or remind
      • Create your own company name and logo.
        • Name and Logo must be original
        • Cannot use logos of major companies (ie. Apple, Nike, Under Armour, General Electric, Kellogg, Walmart, etc.)
        • Use the above companies to get ideas for your own logo BUT DO NOT COPY!
    • Fourth Assignment: Due 4/24 by Email or Remind
      • Create a Gannt Chart for your company's upcoming project. 
        • The project will be the April project that is above this announcement.
        • Remember that you will have to include research time, brainstorm / prototype time, time for building and testing the object. 
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  • 4/7 and 4/8 assignment:

    • Using the resources on PLTW, complete activity 9.2 Engineering Ethics Design Brief
      • Pick an Ethical Issue from the example list on the activity page (#1)
      • Research the positive and negatives of the engineering issues (Minimum 3 of each)
      • Decide on 2 ethical issues to research (#2)
      • Write a design brief that would enable another student to research your chosen case study and be able to develop a report of what you found. (#3)
        • Include the constraints that a designer would have to consider
      • Include your conclusion questions at the end of your design brief.


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  • 3/30 - 4/3 & 4/6 (Remember that each Activity has resources you can refer to on the website)

    • 3/30 and 3/31 - Go to acitivity 1.5 and complete the following aspects of the Deep Dive
      • View all resources about writing a design brief and read over them
      • Watch all three video clips that are embedded in the website
      • Answer questions 1-16 that go with the video on a separate piece of paper or type them on a document DUE 3/30
      • Then write a design brief for the team based on what you witnessed in the videos DUE 3/31
      • Answer the Conclusion questions #1-6 DUE 3/31
    • 4/1 and 4/2
      • Completely research a specific job in the engineering field. You can refer to Activity 1.6.b for ideas. Put the information about that job into a powerpoint or some other presentation medium.
    • 4/3 and 4/6 
      • Select a consumer product and complete #1 and #2  in Activity 9.1
      • Complete the Conclusion Questions at the end as well. 
      • Send what consumer product you are doing by the end of the day on 4/3
      • Powerpoint is due 4/6


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    Introduction to Engineering Design (IED) is a high school level course that is appropriate for students who are interested in design and engineering. The major focus of the IED course is to expose students to design process, research and analysis, teamwork, communication methods, global and human impacts, engineering standards, and technical documentation.IED gives students the opportunity to develop skills and understanding of course concepts through activity-, project-, and problem-based (APPB) learning. Used in combination with a teaming approach, APPB-learning challenges students to continually hone their interpersonal skills, creative abilities and understanding of the design process. It also allows students to develop strategies to enable and direct their own learning, which is the ultimate goal of education.

    The course assumes no previous knowledge, but students should be concurrently enrolled in college preparatory mathematics and science. Students will employ engineering and scientific concepts in the solution of engineering design problems. In addition, students use the most current issued 3D solid modeling design software package to help them design solutions to solve proposed problems. Students will develop problem-solving skills and apply their knowledge of research and design to create solutions to various challenges that increase in difficulty throughout the course. Students will also learn how to document their work, and communicate their solutions to their peers and members of the professional community.