• DAILY Fitness Journal Form

    If you are in my 1st, 2nd or 4th block Physical Education class, continue reading below to understand what's expected of you to still earn full credit during our unfortunate school closure. If you are a freshman who is seeking to still turn in any missing Health assignments, you may visit my "Freshmen Health" page to access those. If you have any questions, email me at vanlier@crhsd.org or text me through Remind. 

    To continue earning credit for your Physical Education grade during our school closure, you're expected to exercise at home Monday-Friday and turn in a "Daily Fitness Journal Form" (see link above) after each workout. IF YOU DON'T SUBMIT A FORM EACH DAY YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE FULL CREDIT. 

    Since there are many options for exercise, I want you to do what works for you, your ability level, your interest and the space you have to work with. Listen to your body and modify any movements so they are safe, yet challenging for you. There is a distinct difference between pain/injury and healthy discomfort when it comes to exercising. It's extrememely important to pay attention to your body and be mature in paying attention to correct form to prevent potential injury. Knowing that it is sometimes difficult to find the motivation to exercise, try to make it a point to schedule it into your day ahead of time and choose any of the following options to use your time well: 

    • I have provided many workout video links on YouTube to the right
    • Search for your own video to follow along with
    • Create a workout of your own using the word document below, or with your own resources
    • Do something you already regularly enjoy doing
    • Invite the people closest to you to exercise with you
    • Set small goals for yourself as you go
  • Previous Assignments for your Activity #3 Grade: 

    The following assignments were assigned for the week of 3/16 - 3/20, if you have had difficulty accessing your email or were unsure of your assignment expectations you can still submit them for partial credit. However, if you are turning them in late this week, please email me at vanlier@crhsd.org so I know you submitted them and to explain why they're being submitted late. 

    Assignment #1 (was due 3/20/20)

    Assignment #2 (was due 3/20/20

    Assignment #3 (was due 3/20/20)