Junior Health CPR/AED/FirstAid

Assignments for the Week of 6/8-6/12

  • All work is to be completed by Sunday 6/14 by 11:59 PM.  Below is the recommended pacing throughout the week.  You have a choice assignment to complete and then any make-up work you may be missing.  If you intend to make-up a Quiz, please contact me first!  Final week, finish strong! 
    Day #56- 6/8- Assignment #8- Choice Assignment 
    Day #57- 6/9- Assignment #8- Choice Assignment 
    Day #58- 6/10- Assignment #8- Choice Assignment  Due Complete any Make-Up Work 
    Day #59- 6/11- Complete any Make-Up Work 
    Day #60- 6/12- Complete any Make-Up Work