• Astronomy We are going out of this world, or at least the subject matter goes there. The unit begins with the Space Race and history of the Moon.  This includes how it became ours.  The subject matter broadens to our solar system and its configuration, including early interpretations of its place in the universe.  Differentiating between terestrial and gas giants, seasons on Earth, and where we are located in the Milky Way (or so we think) is eye opening.  Before we return home, the interstellar journey finishes with the properties of the stars and how our Sun stacks up among them.

  • Astronomy

    Click on this title header (Astronomy) to access the Astronomy presentation lesson.  Watch in the Screen Show mode and mouse over slides to view hyperlinked videos that support the lesson.

    Additionally, below are three YouTube videos I created for easy reference.  They have an additonal value if we are not on class and again find ourselves engaged in virtual learning.  Each addresses a section of the unit that I provide a narrative lesson on, but it does not afford us with the oppportunity to view the hyperlinked videos.  However, I broke each of them out and made them available to you.

    Part 1 Space Race and the Moon

    Part 2 Our Solar System

    Part 3 Stars

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