• Physics In this unit we gain a better understanding of Newton's three Laws of Motion and how each influences everyday life.  Students even get a chance to experience, first hand, how each one is supported or proven through their own efforts.  We then move into the field of electricity.  Begining with generation, students find out what it is and how we are able to harness and use it to not just light a home or power an applinace, but can make a career out of it in any number of fields; especially if we understand Ohm's Law.

  • Physics and Electricity

    Click on this title header (Physics and Electricity) to access the Pgysics and Electricity presentation lesson.  Watch in the Screen Show mode and mouse over slides to view hyperlinked videos that support the lesson.

    Additionally, below are two YouTube videos I created for easy reference.  They have an additonal value if we are not on class and again find ourselves engaged in virtual learning.  Each addresses a section of the unit that I provide a narrative lesson on, but it does not afford us with the oppportunity to view the hyperlinked videos.  However, I broke each of them out and made them available to you.

    Part 1 Newtons Laws of Motion

    Part 2 Electricty and Ohms Law

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  • The following list of videos are those hyperlinked into the master presentation.  I provide these in this pull out format in the event there is a specific one you missed during your study of the handout or would like to further review without having to accsess the presentation.