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    o365 Access School Email, TEAMS, and Applications

    The school uses The Microsoft Office platform for email and productivity suite software. This includes full access to programs such as Outlook Email and Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, OneNote, and OneDrive cloud storage. You can access your email, applications, and any online classes from any Internet-connected device anywhere in the world.



    learn  Learn EMAIL, OFFICE, and TEAMS

    • Click here for a short video tutorial on accessing email, Office, and TEAMS.

    • Click here to see information about accessing Microsoft products at Cumberland Regional.



    Installing Office applications on your personal device

    You can install full versions of Microsoft Office applications on a personal device at any time. This is very beneficial to anyone who prefers to use their own computer, tablet, or mobile phone to access, view, and edit in the same way you do with your school-issued Chromebook. You will have full access to all available applications throughout your tenure at Cumberland Regional High School.

    • To install on your PC or Apple computer
      • Log in to your school office account from your PC or Mac
      • At the top right, click INSTALL OFFICE
      • Run the downloaded file and follow the prompts
      • Once installed, sign in with your school email address and password

    • To install on your mobile device
      • Visit the device's app store
      • Search for the application you want to use (Outlook, Word, Excel, TEAMS, etc.)
      • Install the application
      • Once installed, sign in with your school email address and password



    Students are not required to use MFA. The instructions for bypassing it can be viewed here.

    Trouble With Your Software?

    If you're experiencing any of the following issues with software on your Chromebook:

    • Video meetings not working
    • Software not loading, operating correctly, or saving properly
    • Lock ups or sudden shutdowns

    These problems can be solved by clicking here to access the Chromebook Help Page. Try all options under "Chromebook Issues" and update Chrome OS using the "Updating Your Chromebook" section.