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    Daniel Hendrickson graduated from Auburn University in 1982 with a BSME in Mechanical Engineering. Daniel Hendrickson worked in the professional world for twenty one years before he began his teaching career. Daniel Hendrickson received his Master's in Education in 2004 from Wilmington University, passing the praxis in both Math and Science and he began teaching career at this time.

    Financial Literacy is where students learn about real life skills.   The students will be working on computers while learning how to create resumes, how to apply for jobs, how to balance their checking accounts, how to buy a home, how to invest for retirement, how to use on line banking, and how to complete a number of other life skill tasks.  This class should be both fun and rewarding for each student.  This class will also challenge the student with being responsible and keeping dealines in order to be successful despite the numerous responsibilities that adults will face every day.  This class should help to mold their future decision making processes and help the student with their future success.

    Dear Parents,

    Please feel free to contact me at 451-9400  ext 393  or hendrickson@crhsd.org


    Dan Hendrickson

    For Homework, classwork, quizzes and test assignments please check in  Genesis

    www.crhsd.org under Genesis for students and parents for parents.

    Have your students review these websites:

    We will be using Remind for communication about quizzes, tests, and important projects.  Both parents and students may log into this site with this code for Financial Literacy (gde9fk).  This will allow each of you to receive important messages about the class throughout this school year in the fall of 2017.


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    areas including Algebra, Algebra 2, Geometry, SAT, and ACT


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    Financial Literacy at Cumberland Regional High School should be  a fun and challenging stepping stone to what you choose to do with your future.

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                Building your individual pathway ....

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                            to become successful in

                      Your creative future!

    Remember Financial Literacy is used to solve many problems within our immediate communities, our local levels, our counties, and our states.  Financial Literacy is also used to bring countries together to help solve the world ecconomic crisis, natural devasations, pollution, and other problems that exist throughout.  

    Most people become more secure in their future when they use Financial Literacy to help plan for retirement or future.  Financial Literacy is used in all levels of our socieities and will continue to be an answer for many solutions in our world's future.

     Course Syllabus:

    Unit 1:  Time Management

           Handouts Unit 1

    Unit 2:   Education and Advancement

           Handouts  Unit 2

    Unit 3:   Find A Job

           Handouts  Unit 3

    Unit 4:   Find An Apartment

           Handouts  Unit 4

    Unit 5:   Buy A Car

           Handouts  Unit 5

    Unit 6:   Shopping

           Handouts Unit 6

    Unit 7:   Budgeting and Saving

           Handouts Unit 7

    Unit 8:    Balancing a Checking Account

           Handouts Unit 8

    Unit 9:    Using On Line Banking

           Handouts Unit 9

    Unit 10:   Paying Your Taxes 

           Handouts Unit 10

    Unit 11:   Getting a Credit Card

           Handouts Unit 11

    Unit 12:   Fixing Your Credit

           Handouts Unit 12

    Unit 13:    Buying a Home

           Handouts Unit 13

    Unit 14:    Insurance

           Handouts Unit 14

    Unit 15:    Intro to Investing

           Handouts Unit 15

    Unit 16:    Risk vs Reward

           Handouts Unit 16

    Unit 17:     Diversification

           Handouts Unit 17

    Unit 18:     Investing for Retirement

           Handouts Unit 18

    Classroom Academic and Management Procedures

    Cumberland Regional Financial Literacy Student’s Name__________________________

    Classroom Academic and Management Procedures

    To: Parents/Guardians/Students

    My name is Dan Hendrickson and I will be your child’s Financial Literacy Instructor. Academic expectations include the ability to demonstrate mastery of knowledge and application of skills for the standards set forth for each subject area. The following will outline what is expected of your child for this course. Remember, together we can make this new challenge a rewarding one for your child.

    Grading System:

    A. Each marking period grade will be computed based on the following areas of performance and with the percentages listed in each area.

    1. Tests- 40%

    a. Are announced at least ONE DAY in advance.

    b. The material will be based on the material covered prior to the previous test.

    c. Review will usually be the day before the test.

    2. Quizzes- 30%

    a. Are not necessarily announced.

    b. Notebooks could be collected and count as a quiz grade at any time. (Students are required to bring their notebooks everyday).

    3. Homework/Classwork- 30%

    a. Late assignments will be accepted and only graded as partial credit. If the assignment is more than one week old the grade will be a zero for that particular assignment.

    · All assignments will fall into one of these three categories.

    B. Make-up work:

    1. Tests and quizzes are to be made up the following day. Make-ups can be completed during class, during SERA, or after school.

    2. If absent, any missed work will be assigned when the student returns. Absent students will have as many days as the class had to complete the work and those days according to the handbook.

    C. Classroom Rules/Procedures:

    1. Students are expected to be in their assigned seats with all necessary materials when the late bell rings.

    2. Students are expected to treat the teacher and other students with respect at all times and act appropriately.

    3. Students are expected to be prepared for class (pen/pencil, notebook and textbook) every day.

    4. Students will be expected to keep the classroom neat without trash.

    5. Textbooks must be covered at all times.

    6. Students will remain seated until dismissal by the teacher.

    7. Cell Phones and IPODS/ MP3 players are not to be utilized in class.

    8. No food or drinks are allowed after 7:45 A.M.

    9. Students are expected to maintain a learning environment at all times.

    10. Students are expected to follow all the rules that are in the student handbook.

    Let’s make this class a learning experience for each student and make a commitment to work together so that this school year is extremely successful for all of the students involved.

    Thank You,

    Dan Hendrickson

    Phone # 451-9400 Ext. 393


    Mr. Hendrickson's Education Journey:

    Dan Hendrickson chose to go away from what he knew and loved, in South Jersey.  Dan chose a major school university in a very small town and a very different state in in the rural south of Alabama:          

           He chose Auburn University, the home of the mighty Auburn Tigers


    He Graduated from Auburn University with a BSME (Bachelor's of Science in Mechanical Engineering) in 1982.  Down in War Eagle Country!                      


    Math Certification for teaching math was awarded and earned in 2004.

    Master's Degree was awarded and earned in 2004.



       Mighty  TIGERS