• Syllabus


    Cumberland Regional High School—as a center of educational resources and in accordance with the NJ Core Content Standards—develops students to their fullest academic potential by providing multiple opportunities for all students to become life-long learners and responsible citizens and by inspiring and encouraging the combined efforts of students, staff, family, and community.  (Adopted – October 2007)


    The beginning courses offer students the opportunity to grasp pronunciation and structure of a particular modern or classical

                     language. Communication skills are emphasized through dialogues and practice of language patterns.  Elementary reading texts

                     with controlled vocabulary are introduced.  Students will gain a familiarity with the cultures where the target language is spoken.    

                     Extensive use will be made of taped material by native speakers.

    1. Semester-at-a-Glance

    1. Unit 1 - Chapter 1: Salut les copains!

    1. Unit 2 - Chapter 2: Qu’est-ce qui te plait?

    1. Unit 3 - Chapter 3: Comment est ta famille?

    1. Unit 4 - Chapter 4: Mon anneescolaire

    1. Unit 5 - Chapter 5: Le temps libre