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    Free stories, poetry, and test prep!

    Library of America: Story of the Week


    Sign up to receive a free story every week. From the website: "Every Monday The Library of America features a new Story of the Week. It could be anything: a short work of fiction, a character sketch, an essay, a journalist's dispatch, a poem. It could be Stephen Crane's 'The Black Dog' or George Jean Nathan's 'Baiting the Umpire.' What is certain is that it will be memorable because every story is from one of the hundreds of classic works of American literature published by The Library of America."

    Poetry 180


    A great website for high school students wishing to read poetry.



    Sponsored/provided by the US Army.

    From the site: "March 2 Success is a FREE website providing our users access to online study materials to help improve their scores on standardized tests such as state exit exams, college entrance exams, military entrance exam (ASVAB) and others. Our content includes self-paced study programs in Math, English and Science, with a focus of materials on grades 8-12. The High School Math and Verbal Skills course and College Readiness online course each start with a pre-assessment test, using the results to generate a custom learning path. The learning path includes interactive lessons, quizzes and additional practice tests. The High School Science Hub provides lessons and practice tests in Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

    We provide 7 full-length practice tests for both the SAT and ACT as well as 25 decks of flashcards. Each section is timed and scored just like the real test. Each section can be reviewed to see if you were correct/incorrect along with a detailed explanation of the problem. You can also review the score to see the percentage, raw score and scaled score based on either the SAT or ACT scoring methods.

    We also include information to help students with the entire college application process. This information includes guides to admissions, financial aid and scholarships, and a planning guide to walk you through the details of applying to and being accepted at college."