• What is Remind?

    What is Remind?

    Remind provides a safe way for me to text* you and your students for free**.

    What makes Remind safe?

    • I will never have access to your students’ phone numbers, and your students will not be able to see my phone number.
    • Both Announcements and Chat messages are automatically recorded and archived by Remind. These messages cannot be changed by any party.
    • Users have the option to report anything inappropriate to Remind.

    Remind is simply a tool for me to use so I can easily communicate with students and parents about class related information in a safe manner.

    How might I use Remind?

    • Assignment reminders
    • Homework reminders (due, what's late/still being accepted)
    • Upcoming project or essay due dates
    • Upcoming tests/quizzes
    • Answer questions regarding an assignment (Chat only)
    • Motivational messages (such as quotes about education, reading, perseverance, attitude, etc.)
    • Schedule changes (specifically related to school closures)
    • Classroom Library (“Please return the following books…”)
    • Extra credit opportunities

    How often might you receive messages from me?

    • I may send a minimum of one message per school day. You may also receive at least one message over the weekend (typically Sunday evening). This means you could receive at least 6 messages a week.
    • Most messages will be 140 characters, or less.
    • You can unsubscribe at any time.


    *You can choose to subscribe to emails instead of texts. Please make sure you use an email account that you check daily.

    **Standard text messaging rates apply. If you have unlimited texting, there will be no additional charge on your cell phone bill for using this service.

    ***Chat is only available for subscribers over the age of 13.