• Intro to Dystopia/Fahrenheit 451 & Unit Calendar

    Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

    "Welcome to Dystopia High School!:" a Digital Break Out Game


    -Elements of Dystopia: An inquiry-based approach where students viewed images and clips already categorized as dystopian in order to determine the elements of a dystopia and to define what the dystopian protagonist is like.

    Introduction to Fahrenheit 451


    -Opening Passage Analysis

    -Double-Entry Journal Assignment (this assignment sheet is to be used for the entire unit while students are reading the book)

    Assigned reading: pp. 1-top of 29


    Note: This calendar was distributed to students on 3/14. A copy of this calendar was emailed to all parents/guardians that same afternoon. Students are responsible for all reading and journal assignments, regardless of absence from class.