• Part 1

    The Hearth and the Salamander

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    Fahrenheit 451 Part1: The Hearth and the Salamander


    -Discussion of pp. 1-top of 29 in Fahrenheit 451

    -Clarisse's effects on Montag + Setting Analysis & Assignment

    Assigned reading: pp. 29-top of 45


    -Discussion of pp. 29-top of 45 in Fahrenheit 451

    -Circle of Viewpoints Exercise [Viewpoints/Perspectives: Montag, Beatty, the woman, Clarisse, Mildred, neighbors/Mrs. Blakely, government, other firemen, a book (either the one Montag stole or one of the books in the woman's house), the Mechanical Hound, the Salamander (firetruck), the match in the woman's hand, the fire, the hose/kerosene in the hose, or the woman's house/porch]

    Assigned reading: pp. 48-end of Part 1 (p. 68)


    -Discussion of pp. 45-65 (end of Part 1) in Fahrenheit 451; DEJ Collection #1: 9 entries total with proper heading (date/page range)

    -Beatty's Speech Analysis (analyzing and evaluating the validity of Beatty's argument and evidence)

    Assigned reading: NONE

    Homework: Beatty's Speech SCR