• VLGR Extra Credit

    To earn 5 extra points on your weekly vocabulary quiz, you may choose to create a Vocabulary Card.

    On a 4x6” or 5x8” index card, using one of the words from the current unit of study, include the following information and format your card as outlined below:

    1. Write the word at top-middle of the card.
    2. Write the root of the word in the middle of the card. Underneath, write the meaning of the root and the language of its origin (Greek or Latin).
    3. To the left of the root, write the prefix. Underneath of the prefix, write its meaning.
    4. Write the suffix to the right of the root. Write the meaning of the suffix underneath of it.
    5. In the lower left corner, write three words with the same root that are not in the unit’s vocabulary list.
    6. Sketch a drawing (or find an image) that represents the concept of the word in the lower right of the card. (Note: the concept of the word and the definition of the word are two separate ideas. For example, a picture of the definition of pedestrian is a person walking; a picture of the concept could be a foot.)
    7. Write the word’s part of speech and its definition (in your own words) at the top-middle of the card (underneath where you wrote the complete word).
    8. Lastly, at the bottom-middle of the card, write an original sentence that correctly uses the word in context. This sentence does not have to match/correlate with your sketch/image.