• Reading & Writing Help

    Find your next book, determine your word-per-minute reading rate, and avoid #grammarfails!

    What Should I Read Next?

    Can't figure out what book to read next? Try "What Should I Read Next?" This website is a great tool for beginning and fluent readers. Type in the title of your favorite book, or the title of a book you've recently read and enjoyed, and the site will find other books in which you might be interested! You can join to create booklists or simply use the site to find your next favorite book for free! Students should use their personal email addresses when joining this site.

    Staples' Speed Reader Test

    How many words per minute can you read? Don't know? The people at Staples have created this free test. No cheating: There's a comprehension quiz afterward! For the most accurate results, read the longest selection possible.

    Hemingway App

    Does your word processing software tell you when something you've written might be hard to understand? Does it provide you with alternate word suggestions? The Hemingway app does! This FREE web app will help you improve your writing by identifying complex/difficult to read sentences, simpler ways to say something, and passive voice. Simply put: the Hemingway app "makes your writing bold and clear."


    Want to avoid #GrammarFails online? Download the Grammarly browser app/extension (it's free). The free version checks 100 points of grammar, spelling in context, and your punctuation. It works anywhere on the web! Students should ask permission from their parent/guardian before downloading this app, and they should use their personal email addresses when creating an account for this app.

    UPDATE AS OF JANUARY 12: You can now download the Grammarly for Microsoft Officeapp/extension. This grammar checker works with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook!