• Section 1: Myths

    Below, you will find documents/links to our daily lesson materials from class. Please note that not all materials will be posted here. Some stories, presentations, and other assignments/related materials must be picked up from Miss Muhlbaier in class.

    Note: You will need Adobe Reader to open these files. Copies of the text will require a password to open the file.


    Introduction to Myths and Folktales


    --Read and discussed "The Storytelling Stone"

    --Introduction to Unit 1: World Myths and Folktales (students completed Cloze Notes)

    --Introduction to Origin Myths and The Hebrew Bible/Genesis (students completed Cloze Notes)

    --Read Chapters 1-3 of Genesis; students completed a study guide


    --Creation Myth Jigsaw: Students randomly chose a culture and read/watched its creation story on bigmyth.com. Then, students compared/contrasted the features of the myth they chose with the ones selected by their classmates in order to reflect on the significance of the similarities and explain what these similarities demonstrate about human nature.


    --The Story of God with Morgan Freeman, Episode 2: "The Apocalypse"

    --HOMEWORK: Read this article and complete the questions on the back.


    --"The Second Coming" by William Butler Yeats

    --ASSIGNMENT: Write your own apocalyptic poem. Use this slideshow for inspiration! If you need help with your aphorism, see this site for a more detailed definition and this site for loads of examples! (These are the same links provided in the QR codes.)


    --Unit 1/Section 1 Quiz

    --Start Unit 1/Section 2 (see Section 2 page)