• Greek Drama and Sophocles' Oedipus Rex

    Can you avoid your destiny?

    Below, you will find documents/links to our daily lesson materials from class. Please note that not all materials will be posted here. Some stories, presentations, and other assignments/related materials must be picked up from Miss Muhlbaier in class.


    -Introduction to Greek Theater and Oedipus Rex(students tookclozenotes during the presentation)

    -Myth of Oedipus (read and discussed; this is what the ancient audience would have known before coming to see the play)

    -Assignment: Students must synthesize the information from today's introduction, as well as the myth of Oedipus, and the information from the Greek actor/mask handout(assignment is on the bottom of the second page of this handout)tocomplete a diary where they pretend to be the Greek actor that is about to play the role of Oedipus.


    -Read Prologue from Oedipus Rex; students completed their study guide as we read

    -Lesson: The Parados and the Role of the Chorus (Students read the Parados on their own and chose a sentence, phrase, and word from the text that stood out to them; then, students worked in groups to first discuss their collected text samples and then analyze and apply their text samples to determine what the Chorus is saying and the role of the Chorus at this particular point in the play.)

    -Assignment: The Role of the Chorus


    -Read Scene 1/Ode 1 from Oedipus Rex; students completed their study guide as we read

    -Are you smarter than Oedipus?

    -Assignment: The Blind Man and the Elephant (read story and answer questions)



    -Read Scene 2/Ode 2Scene 3/Ode 3, and Scene 4/Ode 4 from Oedipus Rex; students completed their study guides as we read (Scene 2 study guide; Scene 3 study guide; Scene 4 study guide)



    -Readremainderof play (Exodos); students completed their study guides (Exodos) as we read.

    -Assignment: Read "One Twisted Family Tree" and complete the questions.

    -HOMEWORK: Greek Drama & Oedipus Rex Take-Home Test (due Tuesday, April 3)



    --"And They All Fall Down" Project (due by 6 a.m. Monday, April 9)


    "Dionysian Festival" featuring Kung Fu Panda