• Unit Calendar

    Please click here to access the unit calendar.

    This calendar was distributed to students on April 10, 2017. The following stipulations were given: 

    1. This calendar is subject to change with/without warning*. I will make every effort to notify you of any changes that may potentially negatively affect you.

    2. Left-aligned, italicized items are what’s DUE (basically, vocab assignments).

    3. Center-aligned, plain text items are what we’re covering in class.
    4. Right-aligned, bolded items are homework (due the next day unless otherwise specified). Reading homework will always involve the study guide. As usual, I will check your study guides for completion & then review them with you. Other homework assignments will come with specific directions.
    5. As always, when I distribute a calendar and you are allowed to take a copy of the text home, it is your responsibility to keep up with all readings, even if you are absent from classThus, if you know you are going to be absent, it is also your responsibility to see me to discuss how to hand in work that is due and what to do with the work we’re covering in class on the date you’ll be absent.