• Act 2

    Rising Action

    Below, you will find documents/links to our daily lesson materials from class. Please note that not all materials will be posted here. Some assignments and related materials must be picked up from Miss Muhlbaier in class.


    You can access the entire play of Romeo and JulietHERE.

    (This is the same text as found in our book... without the notes.)



    -Act 2 Prologue Activity

    -Read 2.1-2 + completed study guide

    -Assignment: 2.2 Language of Love


    -Lesson: What is Love? (Part 1)

    -HOMEWORK: Read 2.3 and complete corresponding study guide questions


    -Close Read of Friar’s opening speech in 2.3

    -Read 2.4. & complete study guide

    -LESSON: "We Real Cool" by Gwendolyn Brooks

    -HOMEWORK: read 2.5-6 + completed study guide



    -Add-a-Scene: Romeo and Juliet’s Wedding

    -HOMEWORK: Read 3.1 & complete study guide