• *M Health 2 Drv Ed 30 hrs

    Welcome to Driver Education (Health 2 Drv Ed 30 hrs.)

    In this four week class, you will learn what it will take to obtain your driver license in the State of New Jersey.  You will learn about the New Jersey Driver License System as well as New Jersey Driver Testing. 

    Once you have gotten those topics under your belt, it will be time to tackle the information relating to the following topics:

         -Driver Responisibility

         -Safe Driving Rules & Regulations

         -Defensive Driving

         -Drinking, Drugs & Health

         -Driver Privileges & Penalties

         -Sharing The Road With Others

         -Vehicle Information

    We will have a project that is due half-way through our unit which will be worth 25% of the overall grade, four tests, plenty of homework, and some guest speakers who will extend the learning of our classroom. Oh, and by the way, we will take the NJ State Driving Written Test in class as our final exam. 

    For a more in depth overview of our class, please see the course syllabus located on this website.


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