2021-2022 District Goals

  • Cumberland Regional School District

    2021-2022 District Goals

    Goal #1-Equity
    By June 30, 2023, the District will focus resources on targeted areas specific to equity after receiving feedback from key stakeholders.  During the 2021/22 school year, the district will survey parents, students, and staff to address areas of need.  Once the data is gathered, a targeted needs assessment will be developed and an action specific equity plan will be established, implemented, and monitored for attainment during the 2022/23 school year.

    Goal #2-Math and Reading Programs
    By June 30, 2022, with constituent collaboration the District will strive to create and maintain a Curriculum Consortium Team composed of Administrators, Board of Education Members as well as teaching staff focused on curricular as well as instructional alignment.  The team will meet monthly during the 2021/22 school year inviting a BOE member from each district twice a year.  Through the team specific goals/recommendations will be made to address instructional practices, curricular alignment, and common benchmark assessments to improve student readiness for Cumberland Regional High School.

    Goal #3-CTE
    By June of 2023, the District will increase the number of 8th grade students enrolled in current CTE programs by 10%.  The district will also increase the number of students considered concentrators (students finishing 3 or more CTE courses) 5% by June 30th of the 2022/23 school year.  The district will also explore the possibility of increased expansion of course offerings, the development of internship programs, as well as industry valued credentials.

    Goal #4-Sports Program Enhancement
    By August of 2022, the District will enhance our athletic programs by accomplishing the following:

    • PD coaching seminars for coaches of all sports teams at CRHS
      • Recruitment of experienced coaches
      • Head coaches to attend at least one workshop/in-service in their sport that focuses on improving fundamentals
    • Host summer sports camps for sending district students at CRHS
      • Establish a list of potential summer sports programs/camps working in consultation with head coaches
      • Communication/information on these programs/camps will be shared through social media, CRSD website, as well as through communication with our sending districts.
    • Hosting championship games/tournaments for local sports programs on the CRHS campus.
      • Reach out to various community sports programs/organizations to discuss the possibility of offering the CRSD facilities to host championship tournaments/games