2020-2021 District Goals

  • Cumberland Regional Board of Education
    2020-2021 District Goals

    1. Math Remediation Program

    By June 1, 2021, the District will collect diagnostic and remediation data for all Freshmen and Sophomores in mathematics.  Data will be shared with all our constituent districts.  Data will be used to plan supports and programs for the coming years to ensure the success of our students.

    1. Remote Platform

    By January 1, 2021, the District will migrate to only two remote instruction platforms.  Microsoft Teams will be our primary platform.  We will also utilize Google Classroom for instruction.  All staff will be trained, and utilizing, one or both platforms during the first semester.  Professional Development and subsequent supports will be offered and documented to ensure the migration to these two platforms. 

    1. District Evaluative Plan

    By June 30, 2021, the District will be able to report on the preparedness and success of our graduates as stated in our mission based on identified alternate measures.  We will gather information on, and celebrate the achievements of, our graduates to gauge the impact of our academic and extracurricular offerings.

    1. Constituent Collaboration Plan

    By May 30, 2021, the District will offer Reading Level Evaluations at all our sending constituents.  Ongoing articulation and information sharing will lead to stronger relationships between our schools, boards of education, students, and families.  Offering free diagnostic services will strengthen our collaborative efforts to support all students.