• *M Integrated Lab Science Honors

    Welcome to Integrated Laboratory Science Honors.  Here we take a practical approach to science using out of the box thinking.  How do we do this you say.  Simple, we learn rather than memorize.  In most cases a little bit of knowledge and understanding coupled with a dose of deductive reasoning serves to unlock those things we did not know; or thought we did not know.  In any event, learning how to do so in a safe learning environment allows us to try new learning behaviors and delve into science at the next level.  By becoming intuitive, we make our hypotheses from a perspective of a being proposed solution and not an educated guess.

    Here are some helpful resources.  Check back regularly for updates to these tools.

    Creating a Poster

    How to effectively create a poster that supports your message or presentation.



    Effective Presentations

    Create your plan's presentation and make it painless.



    Learn the basics in order to create a tool to support your message.


    Test Preparation and Approach

    Specific to math, but an effective tool for test preparation for standardized testing.  How to prepare, approach, and eleminate anwers to improve the last resort guessability.  The site and tool is called Meaningful Math for Me.


    Grading Policy

    Major Assessments (Tests) - 40%

    Minor Assessments (Quiz) - 30%

    Routine (Class/Homework) - 30%

    I employ Differential Instruction.  These classifications involve assignments that include, but are not limited to:

    1. Pencil/Paper

    2. Presentations

    3. Posters

    4. Projects (Individual//Group)


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