• *M Physical Education 1

    Our Physical Education program is an elective course where students have the opportunity to select a sport or activity of their choice. Throughout the semester students will have six Physical Education elective classes and will switch their choice of elective approximately every two weeks. Our activity choices range between different types of fitness, dance, individual/dual sports and team sports to meet the many interests of our students, to promote participation and to encourage a lifetime of fitness activity for each individual. 

    Students will have a separate grade for each of those units that will be averaged together for their final grade.It is very important that each student comes prepared for class by dressing daily in proper PE attire described in our Physical Education Expectations (which may be reviewed in the link to the left). Please understand that Physical Education and Health grades are not averaged together at the end of each semester. Passing both classes, independently throughout all four years is a requirement for graduating. 


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