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    Cumberland Regional High School is dedicated to preparing our students to be college and career ready.  This requires the school to ready the students in many areas.  Curriculum has shifted to insure it is aligned to the new Common Core Standards adopted by many states across the country.  All sophomores and Juniors now take the PSAT in the early fall. Counselors have placed more emphasis on career and college exposure through the Naviance program.  A unit lunch initiative has been started to allow our students time to complete homework before going to work or play a sport.

    It is the belief of CRHS that in order to prepare our students we must also engage our constituent districts. This has been done through our curriculum supervisors visiting the K-8 schools, giving feedback to K-8 teachers, and including those teachers in our in-services conducted at CRHS. We believe the preparation of our students to be college and career ready is not just a 9-12 initiative but is inclusive of all schools.

    The inclusion of the community in the educational program is also very important. This is accomplished through groups such as the Superintendent’s Citizens Advisory Committee, Booster Clubs, and parent associations.  Periodic grade level meetings provide families with critical information.  Community members also provide valuable insight throughout the Budget process.  Recent years have witnessed a Budget that is both sound and responsible, providing for the educational needs of the child, while recognizing the fiscal demands placed upon the community and its citizens. 

       Here at Cumberland Regional staff members and students have also started a club called Colts Achieving Spirit Together or CAST for short. Their motto is “When your spirit is broken we will be your CAST. “  The aim of the club is to promote a healthy school spirit throughout the year by recognizing positive accomplishments..

    Cumberland Regional High School is committed to furthering the growth and development of all of its students.   Indeed, it has established practices to fulfill this mission.  These practices provide the foundation that future efforts will build upon.  Quality teachers, quality students, a quality program, and a quality community combine to produce a school for which we can all be proud.


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