• *M Mr. Earnest - PE 4/Health 4: Family Life II

    Dear Parents,

    My name is John Earnest and your son/daughter is enrolled in my senior Health/Physical Education class this semester.  I am looking forward to an enjoyable and exciting year.  It is my goal to provide all students with an educationally challenging, yet invigorating, experience in my classroom.  I am currently in my 21st  year of teaching here at CRHS and have also coached many sports and seasons at the school.  I believe this tenure allows me to have a good rapport with my students.

    Physical Education is an elective course where students can select the sport/activity of their choice.  Throughout the semester students will have six PE elective classes.  It is imperative that students dress daily in proper PE attire described in our physical education rules.

    Senior health, Family Life II, is a four week course which is not averaged with a student’s PE grade.  In time, your son/daughter will bring home the health course syllabus and class contract to be signed.  I have written this contract to ensure that both students and their parents understand how this course will run.  Students will occasionally be given homework which is expected to be completed for the next day.  If a student is absent from class, one day will be given for each days absence to complete make-up work.   If you have any questions regarding the syllabus or course, please contact me.

    I have high expectations for all of my students, and for that I will not apologize for.  I am asking for your help to maintain these expectations by checking with your son/daughter periodically to make sure his/her work is being done.  Please do not hesitate to contact me at 856-451-9400 x394 or earnest@crhsd.org if you have any questions or concerns during the year.

    Thank you,

    John Earnest


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