• The A.L.S. (Academic Learning Style) & the F.L.S. (Functional Learning Style) serves the needs of the Multiply Disabled student.  It is a micro society that services students aged 13 through 21.  These programs provides specific instruction in the areas of functional academics, social and emotional development, life skills, prevocational and vocational skills.  The program is specifically designed to guide the social, emotional, and intellectual development of those students whose capabilities, interests and ideas lend themselves more to specific learning style rather than to the conventional academic curriculum.


  • I believe that you must be in attendance in order to learn and achieve successfully.  There are two (2) basic rights I will uphold in my classes........The STUDENTS' right to learn and MY right to teach.


    The individual grade will be computed based on the following areas of performance:

    CLASSWORK/PARTICIPATION/HANDS-ON ACTIVITY =  Being in class is expected daily.  Attendance increases instructional time.  Classwork is usually any activitiy that we start together in class which is collected before the student exits the room, and checked for that day.  Students are to be prepared with the necessary materials for class each and every day.  They are expected to enter class on time and be seated promptly and quietly.

    TEST/QUIZZES = Tests are announced in advance.  Quizzes may not be announced, but forewarning is given.  If the student "looks like" they are cheating, then they are assumed to be cheating.  Keep eyes on own papers.  While taking a test or quiz, all other materials must be off the desk, and most likely a "non-cheating device" will be distributed.  All testa and quizzes must be made up if student is absent from class, during SERA.

    HOMEWORK = Homework is to be completed during SERA.  Assignments are to be placed neatly in the bin on the teacher's desk.

    EXTRA HELP = If the student is having problems with: assignments, tests, quizzes, note-taking, reading, studying, keeping the notebook together, or just "keeping up" in this class, please ASK FOR HELP!  I won't always be able to tell if a student is having problems.  If I can't help you in class, or you need more explanation or assistance, See me to make arrangements for a day of the week that we can meet during SERA.

    MAKE-UP WORK = If the student is absent from class, a "While You Were Out" will be given with the assignment and paper stapled to the work missed.  The student wo;; be given the same  anount of time to complete the assignment as the same amount of days student was absent.  Late assignments will be accepted with a 10-point deduction for each week received late.  You ill be given the opportunity to make up any assignment that is lower than a 60%.  It is YOUR responsibility to take advantage of this offer.  Test/Quizzes are to be made up during SERA.

    All written work and hands-on activities are weighted flexibly according to the quantity of time spent oon one or the other during the course of the week. Flexibility in grading is a must due to the various disabilities in the classroom, and according the the I.E.P. of each student.

Grading Policy

  • FLS & ALS

    Language Arts









    FLS Pre-Vocations

    PJT-Hands-On   Activity









Behavior Modification

  • Behavior Modification

    I believe that you must be in attendance in order to learn and achieve success.  There are two basic rights I will uphold in this classroom—YOUR right to learn and MY right to teach!

    For following the classroom rules, along with academic participation, students will receive “money.”  This “money” can be exchanged for “goods” ONCE every other week at the P.E.P. Store.

    Behavior Rewards consist of completing a student self-evaluation form where student will rate their individual participation according to a scale to receive a written check. 

    Academic Rewards consist of receiving “money” for the following:

    • All “A” assignments/quizzes/tests will receive a $20.
    • All “B” assignments/quizzes/tests will receive a $10.
    • All “C” assignments/quizzes/tests will receive a $5.
    • All “D” assignments/quizzes/tests will receive a $1.
    • All “F” assignments/quizzes/tests  will receive a chance to Re-Do for better grade.

    Individual classroom  job holders receive a separate written check.



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