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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry Master's in Education with a Specialization in Teacher Leadership

Mr. Tom Lake

My career in industry includes stints in the beverage and steel industries. However, one can best describe my career as being that of a professional in the nuclear power field. As a chemistry technician, supervisor, and Program Manager of Employee Concerns and Safety Conscience Work Environment, my objective was to help facilitate a safe operating nuclear facility on behalf of our workers and the public. However, the desire to teach and coach was always strong. It was a way for me to do what I saw my parents do for so many of my friends who did not have what I grew up with; a solid foundation of support, love, and accountability. Therefore, my foray into teaching and coaching is essentially my pay it forward, a way to say thank you to my parents, teachers, coaches, and those who contributed to my personal development.

My undergraduate degree is a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and I have a Master's in Education with a Specialization in Teacher Leadership. A graduate of Cumberland Regional, I was a member of its inaugural class of 1978; I am a lifelong resident of the area. Married to my high school sweetheart Mary Jane since 1983, we have two daughters, Brittany and Courtney, and two fine sons-in-law, Gerald and Andrew.  We also have three handsome grandsons, Frank, Chase, and Jack.

My objective in the classroom is to bring a realism of what industry calls for a productive employee in the science field to know. I use differential instruction in a way that each student who strives to learn can demonstrate his or her grasp of concepts. Understanding that science is not about memorization; moreover, science is about recall.  I teach them processes to find ways to ascertain an answer, make and test their predictions, and evaluate the validity of an outcome for reproducible results. My evaluation of a student includes his or her results, but also incorporates elements of their effort and work ethic. We must all acknowledge that excellence is a journey and not a destination. That said; expect that I will push my students beyond their comfort levels in some areas for them to grow. I do this in a way that it is safe to err without a fear of ridicule as they grow and become tomorrow's leaders as professionals, parents, and members of our community. My rules are simple. Be on time, prepared, and respectful of yourself and others as we collectively make a difference for others and ourselves.