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    Mr. Mitchell is currently a Special Education Math, Science, and History Teacher at CRHS, co-teaching with other teachers.

    A member of the Child Study Team; Licensed as a Teacher of Students w/disabilities and a Certified Teacher of Psychology.

    Mitchell has also been a Football Coach,  Golf Coach, Advisor for the Rubik's Cube Club, and current CREA Union Representative. 

    PLEASE EMAIL ME ANYTIME FOR ANY REASON:  mitchellg@crhsd.org


    Personal Daily School Schedule

    BLOCK 1 - Preparation Period  

    BLOCK 2 - Cumberland Day Program: Co-Teach Acellus w/Mr. Pillus & Mr. Coombs

    BLOCK 3 - Co-Teach Integrated Lab Science w/Mr. Hogbin


    BLOCK 4 - Co-Teach Integrated Lab Science w/Mr. Hogbin       '



Phone: 856-451-9400 ext: 324


Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Greg Mitchell

Highly Qualified General Education Teacher

Highly Qualified Special Education Teacher                                                                                                     

Math & Science

Certified Teacher of Pyschology