Class of 2022 Graduation

  • The Cumberland Regional High School Class of 2022 will graduate on Friday, June 17, 2022.
    This page contains information we hope is helpful to our graduates and their families in preparing to enjoy this exciting time.

    Cumberland Regional High School's 45th Annual Commencement Ceremony will be livestreamed online at and broadcast live by Quinn Broadcasting on QBC Channel 22 for guests not joining us in person.

    The CRHS FFA will be selling floral bouquets at the entrances to the stadium at graduation. Options will be available in a price range of $2 to $25, cash only.

    • Admission to the 2022 graduation ceremony is by ticket only. Seating is first come, first served for all bleachers. Toddlers and infants able to sit on an adult's lap may enter without a ticket.

    • There will be no balloons, fire crackers, air horns, banners, noise makers, cow bells, beach balls or other blow-up items, umbrellas, or signs allowed inside the stadium. 

    • Caps and gowns are available in the Main Office June 6 through June 10, 12:30-2:40 p.m., for $25. Tassels cannot be replaced. 

    • Cap-decorating forms are available in Genesis and must be completed prior to the first day of graduation practice. For assistance logging into Genesis, please see Mrs. Greynolds in Guidance/Counseling. 

    Graduation Yard Signs

    M E M O R A N D U M

    TO:  Class of 2022
    FROM:  Ralph Aiello, Principal    
    DATE:  May 2022
    SUBJ:  Graduation

    The Class of 2022 Graduation Ceremony will be held on a firm date of June 17th


    Cap & gown – $25.00


    Both the home and visitor side bleachers are used for seating during the graduation ceremony. The graduation class will face Love Lane. Seating is first come first serve for all bleachers. Admission is by ticket only. Toddlers and infants able to sit on an adult’s lap may enter without a ticket.

    • Each senior will be given (6) tickets on the last day of practice.
      • Four (4) Brown tickets
      • Two (2) White tickets – white tickets are the only admittance into the gymnasium if we were to have to move graduation inside due to weather

    Ticket penalties

    • Late to practice – loss of 1 ticket
    • Sent home for inappropriate behavior – loss of 1 ticket
    • Inappropriate dress attire – loss of 1 ticket
    • Leave early – loss of 1 ticket
    • Absent from practice – loss of 2 tickets 

    Should you have a situation that may result in an attendance issue, please get prior approval from Mrs. Landwher to be excused. Work is not an excused absence.  

    • Handicapped seating will be available in front of the bleachers. Please notify the designated staff member by the seating area when you arrive to guide you.

    • Transportation from the parking lot to the stadium by golf carts will be provided for handicapped and elderly. At the completion of graduation, please wait on the home side entrance (Love Lane side) by the Tex Robinson dedication stone for those that need to be transported back to the parking lot.


    We want to celebrate your graduation from high school in an orderly way.

    • Inappropriate behavior leading up to graduation: If necessary, students will be suspended through graduation, thus eliminating the opportunity to formally graduate with the class.

    • Inappropriate behavior during the commencement ceremony (i.e., silly string, yelling and talking during speeches, beach balloons, air horns, ) may result in the possible complaints of disorderly persons depending on the severity of the offense.

    The following regulations are set forth for seniors during practice days:

    • After practice, you must immediately leave school grounds. No loitering in the parking lot is permitted.

    • School rules always apply i.e. no vaping on school grounds. Any illegal behavior can affect your participation in the graduation ceremony.

    • The school dress code must still be followed. Any form of indecent attire may result in being sent home.
      • Modifications: Hats are permitted during outside practices.

    • Cell phones are treated the same way as if you were in class. Students should not be texting, on social media, or making phone calls during practice.

    • You are not allowed in the building during practice times without permission from Mrs. Landwher or Ms. Rizzo.
      • You may enter the building after practice ONLY for school business such as paying outstanding fines. Please enter through the main entrance. Do not loiter or “hang around” in the building.


    Wearing your cap and gown is required to walk in graduation. Decorated caps must follow form rules. It is required that you wear dressy attire underneath your gown i.e. dresses, skirts, blouses, collared shirt with tie. For those wearing a white gown, light colored outfits should be worn so clothing is not seen through the gown. If you choose to wear heels, please make sure you can walk in the grass properly with them (wedge heels or flats are recommended so you do not to sink into the grass while walking). Do NOT wear jeans, sneakers, work boots, shorts, T-shirts, lounge wear, or athletic clothing.  Not following the dress code may result in not participating in the ceremony.

    Wear your tassel over your right eye; change to left during the turning of the tassel ceremony. The point of the cap is worn forward.

    Graduation Activities Calendar 2022
    Please click here to view PDF of Graduation Activities Calendar.

Class of 2022 Graduation Information

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