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Extra Help Resources

All of the resources listed below are free of cost to use.  They are great resources to further enhance your knowledge in a world language classroom, practice what you have learned, and/or perhaps clarify something that you didn't quite understand in class.

Duolingo is a website that can be used for extra reinforcement for vocabulary and/or verb conjugations.  You can create a profile and save your progress. They also provide you with the option of taking a placement exam or starting off with the basics.

Digital Dialects has a variety of games to further practice, review, and/or acquire more vocabulary as well as practice verb conjugations.

Conjuguemos has both vocabulary and grammar activities for you to do.

Study Spanish is a great website for extra grammar practice. It has printable worksheets and terrific grammar explanations.

Spaleon is an awesome resource to further practice verb conjugations.

Quizlet has premade flashcards for the texbook we are currently using, Realidades 1. It also has many other interactive resources.