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Sophomore News

~Use your Naviance account to research possible careers and colleges!  Plan your future today!  

~Start planning your college scholarship needs early!  Check out RAISE ME.  Raise Me is open to students in all grade levels.  Student add course grades, clubs, sports, volunteer activities and more to a personal portfolio.  For each achievement, students will earn scholarships from colleges, which will be awarded when they attend that college.  Please note, scholarships are issued from each individual college/university and students will only receive awards from the college/university they actually attend.  Visit our Scholarship Opportunities page for more information.  Create an account and start updating your portfolio as early as possible in your high school career.  Starting early guarantees that you do not forget or miss any achievement that can help you pay for college.

~As you continue your high school career it is time to start mapping out your future plans.  If you struggle with knowing what would be the best career path for you, please review our College and Career Planning page.