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Junior News

~Begin planning now to take the SATs, ACTs or ASVAB depending on your chosen career path.  Find out more about each assessment and the registration process on our SAT/ACT/ASVAB page.

~Use your Naviance account regularly to research careers and which colleges offer your chosen career path.  Click here to sign in.

~As you begin mapping out your post high school plans, consider that you may need student loans and scholarships to assist you in your educational goals.  Please view our Financial Aid and Student Loans Page, Scholarship Opportunities page, and Senior Awards page.  Begin now, to find the financial plan that will best help you achieve your educational goals.

~End of Junior Year: Juniors should begin asking coaches, counselors, teachers, mentors and supervisors for letters of recommendation.  These letters will be needed in the college application process during senior year as well as for scholarship applications.  Don't wait until the last minute!  Start requesting letters of recommendation now!