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Senior News

~College application time!!! Please use your Naviance account to begin applying to the colleges/universities of your choice.  Please submit a transcript request to your Counselor as needed.  Transcript request forms can be found in the Counseling Office.  Please fill a form out for each transcript needed and be sure to add the college/university full address.  Completed forms should be placed in our counselor's mailbox.  Your counselor will provide you with a copy of the completed request when done.

~Scholarship time!!!  Please visit your Naviance account or stop in the Counseling Office to view available scholarships.  New scholarships become available all the time!!  Check out our Scholarship Opportunities page for monthly bulletins and more information.

~Please make sure you request required documentation for scholarship applications as early as possible (e.g. teacher recommendations, transcripts, etc.).  Do not wait till the last minute to complete your scholarship applications.  Please give your counselor at least one week advance notice from the date you plan to mail/send your application.

~It's not too late to take the SAT or ACT assessments!  Students interested in registering/signing up for any assessment, please visit our SAT/ACT/ASVAB page for more information!  Please request an appointment with your counselor if you have any questions.

~As you begin mapping out your post high school plans, consider that you may need student loans and scholarships to assist you in your educational goals.  Please review our Financial Aid & Student Loans page, Scholarship Opportunities page and Senior Awards page.  Please research each of these options to see which best fits the needs of your educational financial planning.