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Cumberland Regional launches Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Initiative

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Cumberland Regional School District is launching a Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DE&I) initiative to better understand the strengths and needs of our school community. As part of this initiative, the district will be participating in a Cultural Diversity Audit, designed to reveal perceptions, behaviors, and attitudes toward cultural diversity issues.

Results from this audit will be utilized to inform planning and decision-making at Cumberland Regional, with anticipated impact in a range of areas that may include student activities, curriculum design, professional development opportunities, district policies and regulations, and more. The ultimate goal of our DE&I initiative is to empower students, their families, and staff to feel a genuine sense of belonging as part of the Cumberland Regional High School Colts family.

The initial phase of our DE&I initiative consists of three components: Surveys, focus groups, and the submission of a final report. Surveys are open for students, parents/guardians, and staff members to complete anonymously between Monday, Oct. 4, through Friday, Oct. 15. The survey is available in English or Spanish for students, parents/guardians, and staff, and respondents are asked to complete the survey only once. 


Next, we will invite volunteers to participate in virtual Focus Group discussion sessions during the week of Nov. 1. The one-hour-long sessions will bring together groups of 10-12 individuals to offer additional insight into survey responses and reflection on cultural diversity issues in our school community. To sign up to be considered for Focus Group participation, please complete the form online at

The final component of the first phase of our DE&I initiative will be a final report submitted to the district DE&I Committee by Nov. 30. This process is being conducted under the guidance of Dr. Robin Daniels from INFLIGHT, LLC. Dr. Daniels, an Educational Consultant and Certified Change Practitioner, is a former teacher, principal, and assistant superintendent who uses her experience to advance diversity initiatives.

We are excited to invite students, parents/guardians, and staff to participate in this opportunity to learn, reflect, share, and strengthen our school community. Insight from a broad range of representation of the Colts community is the most essential piece of this effort, and we look forward to learning more about your experience and perspective.

Questions on Cumberland Regional’s Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion initiative may be directed to CRHS Assistant Principal Terence Johnson at

Esta información está disponible en español aquí.