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CRHS celebrates September 2021 Students & Staff of the Month

Cumberland Regional High School congratulates the September 2021 CRHS Students and Staff of the Month!

Students and staff were nominated and selected because they demonstrated characteristics which align to living the C.O.L.T.S. Life at Cumberland Regional High School:
Team Player
Self Discipline

Student of the Month, 9th grade: Tyler Sanchez
"We are impressed with Tyler Sanchez, as he is a 9th grader, but his level of integrity, character, and ethics are above his grade in maturity. He is one of those students to take notice of, as he is focused on being the best possible version of himself. I feel he will be an asset to any activity he's involved in and his caring and attention to others makes him a standout as he is a true team player. Everything I've seen of him so far suggests excellence in all ways, can't wait to see his progress through his years to come here at CRHS!"
Student of the Month, 9th grade: Adaeze Anene
"Adaeze emailed to ask questions, and when I was holding meetings, she was responding to my questions to the class in the chat. At one point, she wrote 'PIE' in the chat, and it took me a few minutes to realize that she was referring to the 3 main reasons people write: Persuade, Inform, and Entertain. She made the best out of a bad situation, and she brought me joy while doing it. I am so glad to have her in class, but I am so proud of how she worked while not in school!"
Student of the Month, 10th grade: Samuel Thompson
"Samuel is the epitome of a learner. When he filled out his student info sheet in 9th grade, he explained to me how much he truly loves learning, and he is continuing to show that this is very true! On top of truly being eager to learn, Samuel is kind and polite to everyone around him, and his optimism constantly shines through. He is always willing to help a classmate or contribute thoughtful topics to class conversation. Many kudos for always living the COLTS life, Samuel!"
Student of the Month, 10th grade: Abriana Zeak
"Abriana has been a huge help and blessing both to me, and a fellow classmate. The young lady that she has been helping is a newcomer to our country and has limited English skills. Abriana has helped her classmate get to my classroom several times. She comes into my SERA and willingly helps my other students with their classes if they need it. Abriana also makes sure that her classmate understands the different events and fundraisers going on. Her warmth, friendly personality, and willingness to help are some of the positive characteristics she possesses."
Student of the Month, 11th grade: Delbay Briggs
"Delbay auditioned for the fall play, Tower Stories, and he did a phenomenal job! This is Delbay's first time being in a play at CRHS and I am so happy that is he is a part of it. He has great stage presence and is very knowledgeable about all things history! He will be a huge asset to this story, and I am thrilled that he decided to take a leap and do something outside his comfort zone."
Student of the Month, 11th grade: Anahi Bautista Perez
"Anahi is a caring, optimistic young lady that often goes out of her way to help others. Anahi willingly provides extra support for my students in my SERA period with their other classes. If she sees a student feeling frustrated because they're struggling with a particular class, she'll step in and provide them with assistance and words of comfort. Keep up the great work!"
Student of the Month, 12th grade: Lamair Warner
"Lamair has gone above and beyond in kindness and helpfulness to a new transfer student in our school. I truly appreciate his efforts to assist a fellow Colt, whether that is to navigate the school software or help explain a concept we are working on in class. Thank you, Lamair! Your efforts have not gone unnoticed. Keep up the good work! It is students like you who make Cumberland Regional a great place!"
Student of the Month, 12th grade: Ming Zi Zhang
"Ming Zi is an extremely hard-working individual. She has to work incredibly hard due to her language barrier but uses all resources available to get the work in and at a high level. It is evident that she spends hours getting her work done and doing her best to understand the material. Ming Zi always asks questions to help understand the material. There have also been several times where group work has been used and she gets along with everyone that she has worked with up to this point. Keep up the great work! I am proud to have you as my student."
Field Hockey: Kate Edminster
"This is Kate's first season as part of CRFH and her first time veer picking up a field hockey stick, and she did NOT disappoint. Kate is tough, gritty, strong, and dependable in the cage. She is eager to learn and even more eager to win, and THAT is what makes a great goalie and an even better field hockey player! with our early 3-1 record, Kate already had two shut-outs and 20 recorded saves. We cannot wait to see what her future holds!"
Cross Country: AJ Bullock
"AJ is a member of the Boys Cross Country team at CRHS. He works very hard and leads by example for the underclassman runners. AJ is goal-oriented and focused on running his best race every time he competes. He is always willing to encourage his teammates at practices and our competitions. Keep up the great work, AJ!"
Beth Waddington & Denise Walls
"If these two wonderful ladies aren't COLTS, then I don't know who is. Beth and Denise have worked tirelessly in near isolation to help keep the school community safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. They have both gone above and beyond in their efforts to keep staff in the loop of cases and quarantining. They have worked multiple days going into the late hours of the night, the weekend, and early morning. And they still find time to answer email questions about the 'little things.' They deserve all the praises and thanks in the world!"
Lisa Stant
"Lisa keeps the CST office running smoothly. She is always happy to help anyone who comes into the office with questions about CST or something totally unrelated to her job. She is also extremely friendly and makes everyone laugh. Lisa has had a lot of extra responsibility thrown at her since we returned to school with students being quarantined, and she has done a great job!"
Morgan DeWinne
"Morgan has done a great job getting acclimated to our school so quickly! She has already become an integral member to the department and a wonderful friend. She is always willing to talk about lesson plans, help her fellow teachers, and put in the work to build a great lesson. She is a wonderful problem solver who includes the students in the learning process every step of the way. Keep up the good work, Morgan! We are so happy to have you here!"

We applaud these exemplary students and staff for their efforts and thank them for their contributions to the Colts family.